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The Crown with a Frown

Well let’s see what the Crown was supposed to do when I brought my "laying of an Information" before Justice Hugh Brown.

Where to start with what the Crown should have done and now how she is probably wearing a frown. Guess a good place would be the enabling statute

Crown Attorneys Act.

The first part we as the voting public should look at is the oath that a crown attorney swears to it is pretty straight forward:

Oath of office


I swear (or affirm) that I… Continue

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Mar 19 Court Appearance.

Well, let’s see. What should I post and what can I legally post and what should I legally post? Lots of options with a certain rule to follow: as the saying goes “Say it with flowers, say it with mink, just don't ever say it in ink.”

Good words but if it is said in ink and in an open court I guess it is public knowledge, and the Government has made said some things in ink. So let’s have a look at them: the ones that are points of interest to my protest:


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Mar 17 2009

While most are probably out celebrating I have been researching such things as sections in the Canada Post Act ,,, interesting read with provisions for opening, delaying, mail and a few other indictable offences.

The end result is that an infraction against theses sections in the act / statue is punishable up to 5 years in prison

The Crown still has not made full disclosure as far what they allege but sure seem to be trying awfully hard to intimidate me with big words.

Good… Continue

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Sunday Mar. 14 2010

Psychadelic Sunday on the radio and a fine time to do some writing and point people in the right direction of whom they should write and hold accoutable!; Bill Kelly ;; Hamilton Mountain News Editor ; Jonathan Jenkins Toronto Sun Queens Park ; Tim Hudak ;;;;;

They all have been made aware of my allegations… Continue

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Well lets have a little chat about history…

Recent history - Lets see! An open invite to a large number of politicians and other various people in positions of power… the power we give them through our votes. I asked a simple question if they were willing to allow discrimination to continue under their watch and gave them a link to a site that is set up for the benefit of all. This one:; site that wants to work towards and is achieving some very admirable… Continue

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A letter to elected individuals and a few others

Your Honour David C. Onley ,Ms Horwath, et al,

At this website you will find 160 events documenting discrimination on the basis of sex.

The discrimination is this, crimes were committed by a woman against a man and nothing was done! They are indictable offences as outlined in The Criminal Code Of Canada section 345 mail theft. Crimes committed by this… Continue

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Surprise Surprise Surprise!!!!

Well recieved a decsion from the Justice of the Peace Review Council and guess what???

Apparently ignoring the Canada Constitution Act of 1982 is well within the right of a Justice of the Peace, and also ignoring the Crown Attorney's act where it says that a Crown Attorney is to advise a Justice of the Peace on the law is as well not considered to be an act of negligence, incompetance or anything else so what does that say about the court system here in Hamilton? also The Ontario Ombudsman… Continue

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Musical Mutiny Update

We had a great time last night thank you This Ain't Hollywood for supporting our event! All the bands were great!

Incredible Judges Christopher Clause, Dan Medakovic, Spider Costello, Mark McNeil!

What a lineup right there! Participating Bands: Zone of Resistance,

ESRB, All For Nothing, Murhpy Slaw, Conservation Authority, Those Purple Shirts.

Top Prize 14 hours of…


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Mar 2, 2010

Well apparently a descision has been made about Worship Brown. I wait optimisticaly and truly hope he gets everything he deserves.

I also am waiting to see who the authorities are going to send out as there sacrificial lambs.

I am also preparing a complaint for the Police services Board, how many scapegoats do they have?

Everything that is on this page and more will start going through the courts after March 19 as that is the day I go to set a trial date.

Also I have heard… Continue

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