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Global Family the Hawaiian People need our support

The Hawaiian people need our Global support <3

Please Share and show your support by signing the Petition <3

I signed this Petition to help http://chng.it/KSMCw8SDPF

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Climb it for change

Climb it for change

So 11am April 13th I bumped into My neighbour in the stairwell. He was just getting home from Climbing the Stairs of the CN Tower! His 1st time ever and raised $125.00 for WWF! He double stepped all the way to the top passing runners from start to finish! 

He said it was a super fun great experience, but dizzying as it's 144 floors of spiraling stairs! 

To top it off it only took him…


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Fighting Cancer is a big enough battle

Fighting Cancer is a big enough battle.

Adding financial stress of having to be off work to go through treatment shouldn't have to happen!

Aaron is a hard working family man who will be off work for approximately a year depending on recovery. 

Your support will help to reduce the…


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Elizabeth May, Mike Schreiner, David Suzuki and musician Sarah Harmer Earth Day Guelph

This Earth Day is an especially exciting day to be Green. Members and supporters from across Ontario are converging in Guelph for an historic rally in support of our Green vision. Elizabeth May, Mike Schreiner, David Suzuki and musician Sarah Harmer are all taking part! 



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I Love my Tower Garden

I've been growing my own food inside my tiny apartment since June 2017!

I'm growing and Eating the Best Quality Produce I've ever had in my life!   I absolutely Love my Tower Garden   Best decision ever!   This time I'm growing Romaine Lettuce, Bibb…


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Fantastic News! Caitlyn's Surgery was a Success

The BEST NEWS EVER!! 6 year old Caitlyn Chisel had her surgery May 15th and is OFFICALLY IN REMISSION!! RINGING THE REMISSION BELL AND DOING GREAT     Caitlyn went in for her testing June 2 and now We have…


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April 30th 6 year old Caitlyn Chisel's Event Update

Shadi Rahmatyan, Marcel Ward, Elia Ward, Bradley Henry, The Steel-Hers Cheerleading, Mike Mackenzie, Noelle and Nicole Bedell BoykoKelly O'NeillJohn TillmannJesse Stokes Thank you so much for your…


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Spider-girl's Web Captures Hamiltonian Hearts

Spider-girl's Web Captures Hamiltonian Hearts

Larry Pomerantz RainBarrel.cal wanted to do something to help raise funds for Caitlyn and contacted #…


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April 9th 2pm to 6pm The American Rogues are here to help make a Miracle happen for little Caitlyn

 Let's make a Miracle happen for 6 year old Caitlyn Chisel   $32,562 is her goal …

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Bands Battling Childhood Cancer for little 6 year old Caitlyn April 9th The Corktown Hamilton

This is an event you won't want to miss!

Fabulous Talent all to help Little 6 year old Caitlyn

MC: Comedian Christophe Davidson


#AlfieSmith, #TopSideBluesBand,…


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Bands Battling Childhood Cancer April 9th at The Corktown

 Genevieve Chisel   Maria Del Carmen Orlandis-Habsburgo contacted us December 20th and from there We have been doing all we can to help 6 year old Caitlyn reach her goal   We have an incredible community here in …


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Handbook of Angel Lore is available at Amazon.com NOW!!

The journey that began in 2012 is now complete. The humble Angel booklet grew into a 584-page book. The content is Light but the book weighs a little over 1kg!

It is my joy to announce that Handbook of Angel Lore is available at Amazon.com. It will take one month for it to "upload" to Amazon.ca. The "search engine" for Canada is not operational yet. 

To find the book, click on this link:…


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6yr old Caitlyn Chisel needs a Miracle

Urgent! 6 year old First Nations child Caitlyn Chisel needs a Miracle!…

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Intellectual Truth-Ex Pollution.


Author: Nicolas Kynigos.

Author & Face Book Pseudonym / Nicolas Hermes.

Copyright © November 18, 1992.

Contact; fnkynigos4@sympatico.ca


Book is unpublished, looking to find Editor, Agent, Publisher or documentary film producer.


Nicolas… Continue

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6 year old Caitlyn needs your help

I'm praying you can help. 6year old Caitlyn Chisel lives in North Bay Canada and needs a Stem cell/Bone Marrow transplant She has a doner and a Surgery date for Mar 7th and is currently on Adult Chemo which is taking it's tole on her. Her family needs to raise $32,562 to pay for the surgery as the government will not cover the costs! If they don't have the money she won't be able to have the surgery! Please let me know if we can put an event together to raise money and awareness…


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Join us for the Sept Long Weekend

Good morning friends
We had so much fun last year at Fernbrook Resort that we decided to return for the Sept long weekend and would love to have you participate.  Please contact Linda 905 518 1308 fixourworld.ca@gmail.com  

Fix Our World and Fernbrook Committee…


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Steps To health

Steps to Health is a health and lifestyle program for adults with mental health issues. The aim of the program is to help prevent chronic disease and enhance quality of life. Information Sessions are held on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 2:30 p.m. at 100 Locke Street South, Hamilton.

Programs offered: Exercise, Cooking, Nutrition, Smoking Management, and Weight Management

To qualify for this program, you must be:

A resident of the Greater Hamilton Area

18 years…


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Guest Blog Post Many Thanks to The Reformed Buddhist for letting me use this

The difficult truth about male victims of domestic violence

For the longest time, the popular view within society is that domestic violence is something that men almost exclusively…


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INHALE project




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