Police and elected officials who willfully injure innocent citizens are public enemies not servants - a call to action

Police and elected officials who willfully injure innocent citizens are public enemies not servants

This is a call to action in Hamilton and Ontario and Canada. Please endorse the attached petition and physically enforce its implementation. Because Hamilton police services, authorized by councilors Tom Jackson and Bernie Morelli... Are obstructing justice, overruling court orders, civil order, rule of law, rules of civil procedure and equitable enforcement. Aiding in the illegal prevention of access to intrinsic civil rights for two innocent citizens being bullied, slandered, harassed, abused and effectively held hostage at the behest of one Detective Ian Matthews of Hamilton Police Services.

Before proceeding further I do ask if there are any enforcement officers, agencies, elected representatives or public officials left... who still obey standard non-partisan civil protocol, sworn duty and the terms of their deployment... as public servants.

If there are, please step forward because all members of Hamilton’s Police Services board. Our Chief of Police, mayor and all remaining councilors...As well as Ontario’s entire Civilian Commission on Police Services Board, our Attorney General, Minister of Community, Safety and Correctional Services, Ombudsman, Lieutenant Governor, Speaker of the House and Premier are not.

Those listed are obstructing, interfering, and tampering with justice and civil protocol... uniformly... Yet no circumstance allows any police or enforcement officer, public servant, or service to overrule court orders and work to rule with intent to harm any citizen. According to Rule of Law, Civil Procedure, Charter and Constitution.

I will speak more of Detective Ian Matthews later however he is not the only purveyor of our community’s dereliction. The truest issue here is that Hamilton Police Services have an overpowering ability to defer and overrule non-partisan public scrutiny.

This ongoing matter has personally destroyed our lives, livelihoods, families and futures and further it corrupts and corrodes the health and vitality of this entire community, province and country. It is only so because we everyday citizens let this level of corruption, bullying, intimidation, media manipulation and abuse of power, rank and privilege go untended to.

Ask yourself? Why in the world would two people with no criminal record fight for eleven years while losing everything if there wasn’t any proof? Further why would councilors reject public scrutiny of an obvious desertion of duty without contact, comment or investigation?
When police, public officers, officials and agencies are able at will to autocratically circumvent entrenched, experience based civil procedures, and established protocols... any time they personally desire...then every citizen is at risk.

We are available to discuss this with any group or individual – email rdpalintiffs@yahoo.com or go to www.myspace.com/rdplaintiffs or www.rdplaintiffs.blogspot.com for further accounts and irrefutable patterns of municipal and provincial mismanagement and corruption that are tort in evidence but being intentionally concealed. Please pass this forward and have friends, family, neighbors and associates both sign and show up...

Thanks kindly Richard Nattress – Hennick and Donna Hennick –

Further information follows.

Public overseers of “enforcement agency accountability”, must recognize civilian complainants, especially those holding verifiable proof of personally motivated negligence, and intentional brutality.

They have no legal, civil, professional, ethical or moral option, yet this conspiracy is no theory... Under official entrenched civil procedure every enforcement agent or agency, ever officially accused... is by civil law... assumed guilty until proven innocent... but only if the complainant/victim is recognized, acknowledged and officially responded to. The civil system is beholding to the public, not the police, the police are beholding to the rules of law and it is we that own their humble and unconditional service.

Recognizing civilian claimants, who are being victimized, is not optional, neither is arms length scrutiny. Yet every level of an accountability process... Beginning from Hamilton’s Police Services Board and throughout all ascending levels of the Ontario government... failed to even acknowledge or correspond with civilian victims making official claim. The last word is still held by the guilty officer, even though public records confirm repeated, ongoing and escalating patterns of desertion of duty by Hamilton Police, as well at his ongoing behest. In spite, and defiance of court ordered restraints placed by judges in Ontario court... Placed upon a violent spouse who tried on several occasions to kill me with a letter opener and then an automobile. She was enabled to continue to keep terrorizing, following, harassing, and slandering me and hurt anyone who tried to get in her way. She refused to stop and the police refused to stop her and we stopped going out and even went underground but they found ways.

She was “let off” by police because she was already personally involved with certain officers. Though exacerbated by the fact that she is female and men in such disputes are treated with absolute prejudice, regardless of circumstances. Not to mention the Hamilton Police Services ability to manhandle, City Hall, and the Province, and the Crown’s, and the courts and the public, whenever they choose.

The concern that underlies our specific circumstance is far outweighed by the fact that Hamilton police are deserting duty, and avoiding accountability in many sets of circumstances, not just ours. Yet Police get away with this without question, or challenge from our own municipal and provincial government

When police, public officers, officials and agencies are able at will to autocratically circumvent entrenched civil procedure, established protocol and democratic rule, not only is every citizen at risk but all responsible citizens become accountable... to show communal force when enforcing consensually entrenched rule...

When prejudicial abuse of power and position happens inherently, it requires that all legitimate, law-abiding, citizens... responsibly, constructively, and, peacefully confront, and as necessary impeach those inflicting abusive violence upon any citizen.

For the Record: We have been driven to do this after repeated legitimate attempts, over many years, to access and engage the nonpartisan remedial processes that are guaranteed. We have been forced to do this after being silently denied recognition at every level. While receiving ongoing harassment, threat, personal attack and literal destruction imposed by police for trying to expose them to standard, judicious, public, scrutiny.

Recently we made a desperate appeal to the established chain of command, being all those listed above... Openly and directly pleading to each one, simultaneously... so there would be no further deniability... In this submission we asked them to respond by the book before it became necessary to take equitable governance back into public domain.

Resolution of any and every issue or matter by the book should not threaten or intimidate legitimate enforcement agents or agencies.

Resolution under the terms established by civil procedure, charter and constitution should not threaten or intimidate legitimate elected representatives, appointed officials or civil servants either.

So why has there been no response, other then threat? Throughout the entire appeals process and even after our simultaneous letter.

Instead what we again received was silence from all… However and once again the accused police service responded... directly, personally, unofficially and maliciously... Toward their civilian victims who were making legal, official, substantiated complaints... about them. How did they even find out?

This time in stead of again trespassing, harassing, bullying, slandering and threatening. A Hamilton Police detective now more confidently, and openly defiant, phoned and said, among other things. “They” (the government or public) will never hold Hamilton police accountable, so why don't you get on with your life" adding, "If you were ever... in custody... it would not go well for you". I have never been in custody or charged or arrested; only threatened and maligned by the police assigned my families protection.

It gets worse, some of which follows, however we ask every citizen to fully understand. Not one of those, given absolute jurisdiction, over police actions, has ever corresponded with us; the total lack of response alone is tort confirmation of negligence and breach of contract. But who is going to do anything about it when not one elected official, appointed agent or civil servant addressed replied. None even denied police guilt, or commented on the established pattern of desertion of duty, which is also tort. This only occurs because Hamilton's Police Services are able to intimidate and manipulate all of those addressed. I for one and my wife, of her own accord, have had enough and we are looking for others who have had enough as well.

All... including the office of the premier... with military precision... followed suit and obstructed access from Tom Jackson’s lead upward... without so much as acknowledgement of or inquiry to, those being victimized...All based on the assurances of one officer who is causing and coordinating civic abuse.

We seek others being treated like this to join in and bring your families and friends and neighbors and neighborhoods, and associates and associations and social and religious groups as well, because we are all in this same boat.

Mandatory protocol will only happen if those in place to oversee the public's welfare… follow established procedure... and they are not... But you don’t see this on CNN or, CHCH, or 900, or read about it in the Spec, all of which are owned and controlled by so few. How far do you want this travesty to go and just how rude of an awakening do most people need... to motivate them get back involved, in some sustainable, more mutually beneficial and inter-dependent way?

From the outset I only asked for court orders to be honored and then for legitimate nonpartisan inquiry... yet no attempt has ever been made to legitimately respond by the book, or address, or explain, or deny, or officially comment on or contact us.

No communication, other then private police threat, has come forth from throughout Ontario's entire accountability system… Even though repeating occurrences of police sedition are on public record for any to see… In a pattern any ordinary, prudent and rational citizen or legitimate inquirer would recognize as undeniable.

For the record: Over these years and for our protection we documented and recorded every event, request, appeal, and correspondence. We have given this information to professionals, such as doctors who must protect our confidentiality and hold this information in several locations for our protection.

These documents establish irrefutable, yet to be denied patterns of police negligence, and that we have never been legitimately or officially responded to by anyone in charge of police, and that no one appointed and employed to this duty... Has ever seen or considered the facts, officially.

We are not the ones bucking the system. They are. But none of us alone can overcome inherent corruption throughout.
But I know one thing, we pay them, they work for us, and they have a legal and civil contract to fill and they, as a group of individuals, in unified step, are not.

We are two who say it is time they did. Are there any others?

Or are you satisfied with the way this community and province and country and planet has become.

For the record: The officer, involved with me personally, my ex-wife intimately, and my entire family, prior to these events. Is the same officer who initially overrode court orders when Oakville police deferred jurisdiction to Hamilton Police in an Oakville matter of public breach of court order...and...Then there is still the inherent bias against men in violent domestic matters, that helped him pull off this mess, at public expense, and in full view of his well-established, obviously conflicting personal interest and direct prior involvement. The Officers name is Brent Wessels. But without Matthews none of this would have lasted long...

The ranking officer supporting and sustaining this gross desertion of duty is Detective Ian Matthews. I say these things openly and publicly because it is our only protection and because legitimate inquiry proves them factual.

Additionally: Since beginning this petition and because police cannot get at us easily or without bringing further attention to them selves. One of our family members was baited, harassed, handcuffed and beaten by several Hamilton police officers in front of a number of civilian witnesses and held in Barton street jail and was visited by Detective Ian Matthews before calling us from jail and asking us to desist.

We urge the public to demand officer Wessels, detective Matthews, Chief Mullen and councilors Jackson and Morelli are suspended without pay, pending public inquiry and legitimate public investigation while my wife, our families, friends and I are protected.

Further: My now wife, her friends and family had no prior involvement with any of this yet she and they have suffered more then anyone, as innocent third party victims of intentional civic abuses. I met her long after police had ignored my court ordered protection. A stranger to me and all of this at that time... Who simply helped, and stood by me and against, child, spousal, and civil abuse.

In return for her kindness, character and courage she has also lost everything and has no viable future and is suffering, in ill health. She is still being threatened and frightened everyday. Literally dying because of my ex-wife, the then Lana Darlene Nattress nee Kosterewa, now Vidovich, Officer Wessels, Detective Matthews... and ... All those given the position, power, payment and civil responsibility... to prevent such corruption and abuse from even having the possibility of occurring. Never mind being indefinitely sustained. Condone, commit and get away with abuse.

Our families, and this community, are being torn apart by out of control police and inept and corrupt elected representatives and civil servants.

This is Canada.

If court restrictions ordered upon a violent assailant, abusive spouse and parent had simply been enforced… This over a decade old matter would have concluded then. None of this would still be necessary and we would all have received closure and gotten on with our lives, privately.

We have not dragged this still ongoing abuse of power and citizens out.

We are innocent civilian citizens being denied access to civil rights. Yet this only occurs because those in place to oversee police activity, in a non-partisan manner, automatically “assumed the position”, called for by Hamilton police. In so doing... they ... our elected and appointed representatives are literally contradicting their purpose, literally deserting their duty and post and our trust... by knowingly reneging on the terms of their employment and sworn oath….

You or I would be prosecuted and fired… yet they all work for us!

When rules we all agree to abide. Are not upheld by those we place our confidence, trust and well being in the hands of… and citizens do nothing. We are no better then bullies in blue or cowards in government who allow it.

In the beginning I and then we only asked for the rules to be followed. We now require the public to demand attention to this, take any retribution deemed appropriate and as necessary upon the key players and provide for our restitution.

No one anywhere deserves to be abused by personally involved vindictive, corrupt police. We only ask that every concerned citizen participate in ridding Hamilton and Ontario of debilitating, destructive, ongoing corruption as a cohesive community.
Equitable enforcement of rule of law cannot be selectively preempted anywhere in Canada unless illegally…Unless of course Canadian citizens allow it.

Will you and yours stand on the common ground we all claim upon as Canadians and participate in rectifying this matter and the corruption we all suffer under yet pay for? Please encourage friends, families and associates to sign this petition and pass it forward and stand on common ground together. Otherwise shame on us all…because Canada, Canadians, Democracy, Ideals, Constitutions, Acts, Laws, Civil and Human Rights will remain the farce they have all to often and most certainly become and remain, here in Hamilton, Ontario and Canada. While Canada rages war to impose upon others, what our nation and peoples fails to embrace in our back yard. Even as Canada proudly hosts and boldly brags about building the world's shrine to Human Rights. While Canadians fail to sustain them right here, in Hamilton and Ontario and Canada.

Class Action: Any others experiencing similar desertion of duty by Hamilton police or any Ontario enforcement agency and or suffering because of municipal dysfunction and or corruption are asked to contact the writers, share their experience and coordinate action, both legally and civilly and by communal force as necessary.

Further information regarding Detective Matthews:

Why is Hamilton Police Services detective Ian Matthews able to get away with unduly intimidating, influencing, manipulating and dictating to. Police services “Professional Standards Division”, the Chief of Police and even the Police Services Board. Which is primarily in place to oversee police without prejudicial influence or bias.

Through this public action and petition I/we publicly demand to know why every level of Ontario’s government, including crown attorney’s obey Detective Ian Matthews’ prejudicial influences up to and including our premier.

This matter literally revolves squarely around Detective Matthews, and his brand of rule of law because he is allowed to remain the only one in control of the scrutiny of all facts and information. However no one could accomplish this... Without question or inquiry...without collective, silent, and unanimous concurrence by all those listed... He is the tail wagging this dog.

Over the years I have come to find out that Matthews is a slick, cocky, smooth, slippery, abusive son of a bitch. A bullshit artist who lies, bullies, intimidates, and threatens even his own at will and I also hear that he is a crook under investigation.
Matthews is not the original or only culprit in our ongoing matter, but he is a disloyal, dishonest rouge and ringmaster that no one will confront or question.

Remember one thing: Ontario “court” on more then one occasion ordered a violent, abusive assailant to desist. However personally involved officer Brent Wessels and Matthews made sure it was me that remained the target of the very abuse I called 911 to escape. Both enabling and participating in ongoing slander, harassment and violence.

It is not me or my now wife, a third party, previously uninvolved victim who prolong the ongoing abuse of power, position and privilege. It is they... and ... it is personal and it is also intensified by, and part and parcel of a much bigger problem we must all confront here in Hamilton, and Ontario, and Canada.

I/we petition the public to question why the Chief of Police, mayor, councilors, municipality and province bow to an officer derelict in duty and not common rule.

In closing I say that we are not hiding the details of this matters from anyone or hiding ourselves from anyone except my abusive ex wife and the police. It is not we who are hiding this from public scrutiny, it is we who are being threatened for seeking public scrutiny. Ian Matthews et all, throughout our elected government and public service and the rest listed, are intentionally, unanimously and unfortunately... successfully... concealing, matters of police desertion of duty, obstruction of justice and civil corruption that allows far too many such events to happen.

It was and still is for personal reasons that police over rode court orders, and still continue to conceal their crime. This all stems, first from abusive, vindictive, repeated acts of violence...Then several court orders...Then one Officer...A washed up cop who used his influence improperly and unprofessionally. But it is Matthews who hides it from and prevents public scrutiny by circumventing rule of law. By intimidating and manipulating those elected representative who are supposed to be in place to protect each and every one of us... from... this kind of abuse.

As said we are available to discuss this with any group or individual. Please pass this forward and have friends, family, neighbors and associates both sign and show up...

Thanks kindly Richard Nattress – Hennick and Donna Hennick

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