Aloha Ohana,

This will take time (2-3hrs) and it's time sensitive so if freedom is important to you, MAKE THE TIME! 


Communism Is Coming In FAST! 


Actions Here: 


Action #1: If you are live on Big Island,take the first action on this page ASAP: 


Action #2: If you want justice for Lahaina, take the second action here

(Anyone can do this action and Lahaina residents hold more weight.)


Action #3: If your government officials are trying to bring in communism and are ignoring the people, see the 3rd action on this page. It will show you what to do!


I made a mistake on my affidavit so I'm redoing it today and resending it.
Lastly, the judge voted to deny the bacteria injected mosquito lawsuit on Maui! This will affect ALL islands!Hawaii Unites is working our appeal and needs donations. If you love Maui and want to save these Hawaii islands, please donate click here 
We can do this! 


Stay Strong, 

Michelle Melendez


PS We need numbers! Please share this email or this link


PSS This is a game we came to play together. Do your part and move your pawn (body) forward by taking these actions. Otherwise your pawn will stay with the collective and welcome in communism. As my friend Ma'ata says, "We wouldn't be here if we didn't win!" 


PO Box 385
Hakalau Hawaii 96710

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