A letter to elected individuals and a few others

Your Honour David C. Onley ,Ms Horwath, et al,

At this website you will find 160 events documenting discrimination on the basis of sex.


The discrimination is this, crimes were committed by a woman against a man and nothing was done! They are indictable offences as outlined in The Criminal Code Of Canada section 345 mail theft. Crimes committed by this woman (Jen Workman) against a man were reported to the police and a laying of an information to the crown and one member of the Judiciary a worship Hugh Brown all who were made aware of multiple witnesses as well as an email from the culprit admitting to her crimes against me. I have a hard time believing all the events myself but the facts speak for themselves.

In fact in the last week of Jan 2010 or the first week of February my fiancé in her disbelief at the blatant and heinous acts of discrimination was so upset she committed an assault against me called the police explained to them her crime and she was taken to an abused woman's shelter.
Now I have had myself arrested to prove that discrimination on the basis of sex is alive and well here in Hamilton, the culprit ,,,,, the agents who report to the Attorney General {honourable} Chris Bentley
I will not take a plea bargain it is not an option. I am committed to seeing this through and ensure that those who serve at our leisure are held accountable for their actions.
If I end up serving time for a crime which carries less time than the INDICTABLE CRIMES my "ex"a Ms Jen Workman committed against me well then I guess I need to move to a country where equality is observed and it is the law ooops thought that was guaranteed to me and every other Canadian citizen in the Canada Constitution Act of 1982
So my question to you all is this are you our elected officials going to allow discrimination to continue under your watch?

Please feel free to join fixourworld.ning.com to post your responses or you can reply to this email and I will post it there for you.
I am posting a copy of this letter there for all constituents to read at fixourworld.ning.com as well on facebook and other networking sites.


Dan Perrins

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Comment by Edward Teach on March 9, 2010 at 5:44pm
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