my organic sprouts

The Perfect Organic Sprout Grower

For ALL Seeds and Beans
Grows edible organic Mung bean sprouts in 24 hrs. NEVER gets poison bacteria, nor mold. 10 dish full of organic vegetables for only $6 = 30 days of organic vegetables a true natural source of ALL nutrients to keep YOU healthy

( These units are built out of very thin strong material.

Cannot be torn to reduce waste in our environment. )

You can watch mung beans grow in 24 hours and be ready to Eat !
Grows in Light or Dark, in average room temperature.
Easy and fast to Clean
No corners to allow parasites to establish and grow.
A dust cover with space for gasses to be released. .
A design that builds up humidity for fast growth.
And you can see the food that you should eat.

Organic vegetables for less than $6.00 per month per person
Seeds and Beans are mothers. They are wombs that bear a child.
Where life begins and the following originates.
3000 different known enzymes,
560 different known Proteins,
Every Vitamin known to man.

Containing most minerals (See Mineral List)
They are ALIVE when you are eating them.

( When was the last time YOU ate LIVE GREEN FOOD ? )
Providing One month of ALL required nutrition for less than $5.00 using Organic Mung Beans and pure clean water. That's equal to 6000 multi-vitamin pills monthly.

Order your Sprout Grower and/or Certified Organic Mung Beans

Call or Text 905 870 4808

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Comment by FixOurWorld on January 26, 2015 at 4:42pm

It was a Great Pleasure meeting you Sarah <3 I know you will enjoy your Sprouter <3

Comment by Sarah McCombe on December 10, 2014 at 8:42am

Hi, these look great. I was wondering if you had any left? If so would I be able to pick it up instead of having to ship since I'm not that far away? Thanks :)

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