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Wet'suwet'en Solidarity Rally

Standing in Solidarity…


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Happening Now!

I Stand in #Solidarity with the #Wetsuweten #LandDefenders and #WaterProtectors There is so much action needed today!! We need to Unite Now and work together for Future Generations and All Living Things! Wet’suwet’en Land and Water Protectors are being bombarded by RCMP right now! for protecting…


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Silence is Not an Option!

Wet'suwet'en needs all of our support! They are being invaded by RCMP at Gunpoint their communications have been cut off! Please we need all the World to see whats happening here! These are unarmed peaceful people Protecting their Land and Pure Water from a Corporation who wants to destroy it by force!! The RCMP should be helping BC Flood victims instead they are holding our Indigenous People at Gunpoint to help a Corporation Steal their Land! Please Help…


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5 Reasons Why Wood Fireplaces Are Still Popular

Whenever we hear about wood stoves, we travel down to the memory lane of the past. Keeping up with the vastly changing world, fashion and lifestyle are also changing in the present times. The soaring costs of electricity and more readily availability of other resources has changed the taste and preferences of people around the world. This is one of…


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Advantages of Availing Oven and Stove Repair in North Vancouver

What will be your actions if you discover that your day to day household appliance is not working? Yes, you guessed it right. You should visit the appliance repairing business. There are several appliance repair businesses available online. These businesses offer their customers high-quality appliance repair services at cost-effective prices. If your household electronic appliance is damaged then you should visit the appliance repairing business instead of throwing your expensive appliance.…


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Une compréhension des services offerts par Stéphane Garneau

Possédez-vous un espace commercial ? Vous souhaitez le vendre à un prix intéressant ? Ou souhaitez-vous acheter un espace commercial pour vos besoins commerciaux ? Quels que soient vos besoins, vous pouvez les satisfaire en prenant contact avec un courtier immobilier spécialisé. Si vous résidez au Canada et que vous souhaitez bénéficier des services d'un courtier immobilier professionnel, vous devez vous rendre chez Stéphane Garneau. Ici,…


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5 Avantages incroyables de l'embauche d'un courtier immobilier

Si vous aviez demandé de combien vous allez vendre votre propriété, qu'auriez-vous répondu ? Avant de dire un mot, nous sommes certains que plusieurs questions vous ont probablement traversé l'esprit, comme par exemple : quel serait le montant exact à payer pour ma propriété résidentielle ou si le montant décidé me faisait subir des pertes, n'est-ce pas ?

C'est pourquoi nous pensons qu'il faut engager un courtier en immobilier résidentiel, pour éviter les difficultés majeures lors de…


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Tinnitus Remedies and Why You Should Get Your Hearing Tested

Tinnitus is a common ear-related health concern that causes difficulty in hearing regular sounds, because there is a constant internal noise production in the form of ringing or whistling or buzzing etc. If you suffer from tinnitus do not dishearten yourself for science is constantly evolving and therefore tinnitus can be treated with different scoping mechanics and strategies. The best way to handle this is by seeking professional medical help from a hearing test clinic. A…


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Mini African dance and music festival


We are looking for Volunteers in the fields:

1- Volunteer Coordinator

2- Marketing and Communications

3- Fashion event Coordinator

4- Hostess

5- Vendors Coordinator

6- stage Coordinator

Official programming:

1)- Official Launch

Date: Friday, April 17, 2020

Time: 5:00 pm- 7:30 pm

Venue: Milton Town Hall, 150 Mary street, Milton. Ontario(Canada)


-    Big show of…


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Wet'suwet'en People need your help

Wet'suwet'en People are being Bullied! We need the Worlds Attention!

Kahnawake grand chief had said replacing RCMP could lead to 'immediate de-escalation of the current crisis'. The Canadian Government will not Negotiate!

Blair says RCMP best left to patrol Wet'suwet'en territory, not Kahnawake peacekeepers | CBC News…


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Message from


It has been one hell of a week. As I’m writing this, heavily armed RCMP officers are into their second day of raids trying to evict members of the Wet'suwet'en nation and their allies from peaceful land defense camps in Northern BC.1

At the same time, the Alberta government is ramping up pressure on politicians in Ottawa to convince them to greenlight the Teck Frontier Mine – the largest tar sands mine ever…


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Hearing Aids Improving Your Life

It’s important to not get too disheartened if you discover that you too are facing hearing issues. Loss of hearing ability in children and adults alike is actually more common of a problem than you’d think, and one should not withdraw into themselves. Hearing loss is not a problem only observed among the elderly but can equally affect the younger generation. Instead of becoming depressed and withdrawing into yourself, you should visit a hearing aid clinic to get the support and solution for…


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How Do Hearing Aids Benefit You?

When you start losing your hearing ability, you will start getting signals. For example, you miss several parts of conversations. It seems to you that other people are always mumbling, and your family tells you that you keep the volume of the TV and music system too loud. Faced with these problems, you must have professionally…


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Ready for Change

The best way to Change the world is to change our inner world. This is where it all begins.…


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Global Family the Hawaiian People need our support

The Hawaiian people need our Global support <3

Please Share and show your support by signing the Petition <3

I signed this Petition to help

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Climb it for change

Climb it for change

So 11am April 13th I bumped into My neighbour in the stairwell. He was just getting home from Climbing the Stairs of the CN Tower! His 1st time ever and raised $125.00 for WWF! He double stepped all the way to the top passing runners from start to finish! 

He said it was a super fun great experience, but dizzying as it's 144 floors of spiraling stairs! 

To top it off it only took him…


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Fighting Cancer is a big enough battle

Fighting Cancer is a big enough battle.

Adding financial stress of having to be off work to go through treatment shouldn't have to happen!

Aaron is a hard working family man who will be off work for approximately a year depending on recovery. 

Your support will help to reduce the…


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