Close enough will do for Hamilton Police Services and for the rest of Ontario too!

So apparently in today’s Hamilton Spectator not only did our finest make one mistake they made at least two. Remember that little incident on May 4 2010 when the police assaulted and arrested the innocent immigrant from Myanmar, well the ball they dropped there continued to bounce on down the road and into another innocent victim’s apartment.
Again a wonderful and precise job by the elite of our police force in their attempt to make themselves out to be the true crime fighters they would have us believe. I see in the article the police make mention of how it takes them some time to get a warrant and such but wait the people they were looking for and probably were watching after all how does one go about getting a search warrant by gathering evidence and how does one gather evidence why one observes and reports but I guess the police failed to make note of a small event that took place over two days the event you may ask was the moving out of the people the police were looking for. Yes this is the quality of police service we have grown accustomed to around here in Hamilton.
Another point of interest might be how the elite police forgot their live rounds in the botched up raid in the victim’s dwelling, nice move by the elite force cause after all live rounds are something to be discarded and or left behind in a devil may care attitude but wait these officers are the elite they don’t make mistakes are trained over and above the average cop. The results speak for themselves folks our police force is dropping the ball at our risk. How long will it be before we hear about an accidental discharge of a police officers weapon? My guess not long if they don’t care about leaving live rounds behind.

Here’s the link if you care to read it but better put on your bull Sh_t glasses as the police are already trying to minimize what happened..

Here is another fairly recent article about how police make public statements about your safety but are really intentionally misrepresenting the crimes that happen.
What this article is about is how the chief of police in London Ontario refuses to classify a murder suicide for what it truly is a domestic dispute where a female officer murdered her on again off again lover who was a recently retired officer as well. The fraudulent claims the police Chief made why that in the year of 2007 that there were no domestic violence crimes where a woman murdered a man. This is fraudulent reporting of crime statistics; this is where when police say they are doing their job they falsify records to pass it off as them doing their job.
This is a crime and it is in the criminal code of Canada. Of course Chief Faulkner was held accountable and had a proper investigation into the events and yes apparently getting a promotion is grounds for depression and having your dog die two years earlier is grounds to classify this crime as a murder suicide and not as it should be a domestic violence case where the woman killed the man.
Read on folks and be prepared for a revelation that what police have been selling us as valid grounds to discriminate against males is really just a corrupt justice system blowing smoke up our collective arses.

Barbara Kay, London, Ontario Police statistics on domestic violence show classic signs of abuse
Posted: January 28, 2010, 12:08 PM by Jonathan Kay
Barbara Kay: Full Comment
After six years of service, Chief Murray Faulkner, 57, of the London police force is expected to announce his retirement at noon today.
He leaves with a statistical stain on his record. For 2007 his department's statistics under the heading of domestic violence (DV) show that there was one DV homicide of a woman by a man, but zero homicides of a man by a woman. Not true.
On June 6, 2007, in a shocking case of love gone awry, police inspector Kelly Johnson, inflamed by her lover, retired police superintendent David Lucio's ending of their affair the day before, shot Lucio in the head with a .40-calibre Glock pistol (which she was not authorized to have in her possession) as he was driving his van through downtown London, and then killed herself with the same gun as the van careened into an apartment building.
If Johnson were a man, the case would have been labelled a cold-blooded DV murder, and exploited as yet another example of the pandemic of male violence against women. But the incident was spun as a kind of bilateral tragedy with no villain, just two victims.
Critics of Faulkner have long grumbled about his preoccupation with male violence against women and his tendency to downplay or ignore female violence against men. Normally it's tough to get the evidence to back up such a claim. But the obviously purposeful refusal to classify the Lucio murder as a case of DV, when it so screamingly is a world-class example of DV at its worst, supports Chief Faulkner's detractors' claim of bias against male victims of DV.
Naturally this lapse calls all the other statistics in Faulkner's tenure into question. We all depend on statistics to help us make up our minds on issues, so it is extremely irresponsible to muck around with them in support of an ideological position. Presently the London police 2007 statistics tell us that DV-related homicide is 100% male on female and 0% female on male. In fact it is 50-50. It would be fitting if Chief Faulkner's last official act were to admit that the Johnson/Lucio homicide was indeed a case of DV, have the 2007 statistic formally changed, and give his successor the nod to review all the stats on DV posted during his tenure.
Here is the Link for the above article try reading some of the comments section under the article.

And here is another link explaining what happened.

Here is the London Police's Own report on what happened:

Now perhaps you have an interest in what is happening to your loved ones and why so many men are being arrested here is a link in which a Toronto lawyer tells us why.

Judge for yourselves people false reporting of crime records the justice system stacking the chips against the average male and my experiences with Hamilton justice system in regards to having my ex Jen workman charged for multiple crimes committed against me and being told by a desk sergeant to “suck it up” ,, this is the quality of police services we have allowed them to offer us and be paid for with our tax money ,, feeling a little ripped off yet?
I know I am

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