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What's Your Challenge

Started Apr 30, 2020

Help Inspire Others

Started Apr 8, 2008


Fix Our World (Founder) If We Believe We Will Achieve

Profile Information

What impact would you like to have on the world?
For All to Live a life in Peace Harmony Joy and Love with all living things.

I had a serious Judo Injury that forced me to quit my job. I asked "What is it I'm not doing that I'm supposed to be doing?" Instantly I got an answer "Unite All People on a World Scale"

After a few months an announcement on the Radio to End World Poverty- I had to go! So Thursday morning at 10am I started to enter my info to get 2 free tickets and my computer crashed! I frantically tried to get it working and by the time I did all the tickets were gone! I signed the Make Poverty History online petition. The live 8 team sent a message: Not everyone will be able to go show your support in other ways,hang a white banner on July 1st etc...

Sunday morning while in church the banner Idea popped in my head and was so strong that I had to do it. My boys had to stay longer in choir so I left church being guided on a mission. The first thing was to go home and get my digital camera (I just got it for Christmas).

I drove all the way home, on the way back the next action was to go to Walmart. I realized they had a material section! I bought the cheapest white material
and a pack of sharpie markers and ran off to get the boys, the next action was go to Bayfront Park.

We laid the material across some picnic tables and started writing on it. People were passing by so we asked them if they wanted to sign the banner This is what it’s going to say..Live 8 July 2, 2005 Hamilton, Ontario People started signing it.

When we finished creating the banner a young couple with a baby were signing, we asked if they would like their picture with the Banner and we would send it back to Live 8 to show them Hamilton Cares. They said Yes! …So that’s why I needed my camera..

I looked up the hill, there was an Italian Festival going on! we took the banner through and laid it on the ground, all kinds of people gathered and signed it.

So now we were on a mission people everywhere signed the banner and were happy to add comments. We came back home and wrote a letter to Live 8 and sent them the first days photos telling what me and my boys are doing to show HAMILTON CARES.

Our mission was to have this banner fully covered where there was no white left or continue to July 2nd, which ever came first. Live8 sent us a response asking us to keep them updated. It was the end of the school year so I took the boys out of school for 4 days going all over Hamilton having people, business’, fire dept, police dept, schools, restaurants pubs, sign our banner and show that Hamilton Cares. By Thursday there were thousands of signatures!
*The Live 8 team contacted and invited us to the Barrie Concert and bring our banner. We continued our mission right up to the concert date ending with Philthy McNastys who were proud to hang our banner for white band day July 1 supporting end child poverty in Canada. People were invited to sign it all day long.

Live8 organizers sent us free tickets

Liz Bernstein from Make Poverty History sent tickets for my family to come to the concert! We brought our banner and were treated very special. When we arrived, we met Aileen Carroll Minister of Aid, Gerry Barr CCIC, Dave Toycen Pres. World Vision.

They were proud of our family and told us we were an inspiration to them. We were honored to meet these people and did not expect to get such a reaction. We were very proud to be a part of such a world changing event. This was the first big concert my children have been to.

Gerry Barr asked us if he could have our banner to hang in his office for inspiration when times are tough. How amazing! We were so proud to give him our banner.

What does your world look like?
After Live 8 was over I didn’t want to stop there. I started hosting events for Poverty and then AIDS. Then Fix Our World Festival, Fix Our World Global Family, Photography Contest, FOW Online Show, Street Team,
Add Tips for others to use
I was talking with a Newly found friend at Physio and he wondered why I do these things?

Jokingly I said I don’t belong on this Planet. This is not the world I signed up for, I want to go back home. He asked me what my Planet was like. This inspired me to write it down and to see if others felt the same.

“On my planet there is Peace and Love, Everything exists together in harmony. You can drink from all water sources, Animals are free to roam. Everything is equal, There is no greed, War, Famine or Poverty.

People smile when they pass you bye, and are ready to lend a helping hand to a stranger in need. Children laugh and play without restriction.”

Is this what you dreamed of when you were a child? We can make this “Our World” We can learn from our mistakes and make it “Paradise” for all living things.

We are all brothers and sisters, we have to come together and work as a “Team”… We can Fix Our World!

The First Annual “Fix Our World Festival” Sept 2008- bringing together groups, clubs, organizations, bands, youth and individuals who are making a difference in the areas of Peace, Poverty, Global Health, Environment, locally and globally.

Educating ourselves and our youth on what needs to be done and how we can all contribute now to the conservation of our Planet, to create a more and just future for all living things.

Create your own “Fix Our World Group, and tell us about your community (What is working and what help is needed?). Hold an event in your area (SAME DATE) uniting us as a global family working together to Fix Our World.

When I was a Child:
I was born caring about the world and all living things: The music on the Radio was so powerful: Five Man Electrical Band, Paul Revere and the Raiders, The Eagles, Cher, Chicago, Elton John, John Lennon, to name a few(Every person on the Planet should listen to these bands and hear their message!)
My little sister and I became "Cleanup Commanders" from the Commander Tom Show.

When I was 5 years old I saw a commercial on TV with people wearing Gas Masks asking to stop polluting or this is what our future will be! I had to do my part so my little sister (who was 3 yrs old)and I posted flyers "Give a Hoot Don't Pollute", as cars passed by people threw garbage and cigarette butts out their windows right in front of me and my sign! I yelled at them Can't You Read! This is Our World Too!
I picked up the garbage along my way doing my best to take care of our Earth.

40 Years later Look What We Have Done To Our Planet! It is sad to say that the efforts of those when I was 5 turned into an uphill battle.

We all need to Respect Our World!
Take a look around you, Do you like what you see?
Do something about it!
Every little bit helps! And Every Second Counts!
Look at your precious child,

Use your positive energy, Spread your Love to all living things, Be grateful everyday all day for everything, Tell Everyone you LOVE them,Meditate, Recycle, Turn water off while brushing teeth, Use Cold Water for washing clothes, Hang clothes to dry, Walk, Bike, Spend Quality Time With Your Family, Laugh everyday,
Hug as much as possible, Yoga balances your mind body and soul, Breathe through stress, Remember you can't control everything, it's better to laugh through stress then to let it destroy you. Use baking soda and vinegar to wash your clothes, clean your house. It's natural and doesn't break down fibers or cause illness or disease. Eat food that grows around you that is natural to our environment, We Need More TREES, they filter our Air! They give us food, medicine and Life Please Don't Litter, Protect our Environment, Nature, Animals and All Living Things
Upcoming Events
Fix Our World Festival Annually all are invited to participate.
*Street Team Clean Up Ongoing Year round
*All Ages Photography Contest monthly during James St Artcrawl
*Annual International AIDS Candlelight Memorial 3rd Weekend in May.
What clubs, groups, orgs are you involved with
Founder of Fix Our World
Street Team -
Make Poverty History
International AIDS Candlelight Coordinator
One Campaign
Navy Cadets
St. Vincent DePaul Society
About Me: Describe what you are doing in the areas of Peace,Environment, Health, Empowerment
I host events and bring people together in a fun interactive way. Check out event page to see upcoming or past events.
I started a Global Movement to Fix Our World sign on and add your tips, ideas, things you do to make a difference. Big or small it all helps <3 We are coming together to share free information and help others wherever and however possible <3
If We Believe We Will Achieve <3
Lawrence Nelson

Lawrence Nelson- Eternal Sun Natural Health Systems

Lawrence Nelson an incredible human being is now watching over us. Lawrence is a man of God who helped to heal so many people including myself. I am eternally grateful. You are forever in my heart. Thank you for all the precious gifts you gave us. I took a photo of your rose garden yesterday.  December 7, 2012. Imagine Roses In December! You are Deeply Loved

This song was performed last night at Christopher Clause Imagine Peace concert. It touched my heart so deeply. I instantly thought of you Lawrence.  Lawrence Nelson- Eternal Sun Natural Health Systems

Empty Garden by Elton John




We are a Universal Umbrella uniting groups, clubs, organizations, bands, individuals etc, who are making a difference in the areas of Peace/Conflict, Poverty, HIV/AIDS, and Environment to raise awareness, inspire others and educate our communities especially youth locally and globally to mobilize and gain them as active members who will become a part of the solution to fix and restore our planet, creating a more and just future for all living things.

Creating a global family on this website sharing ideas and information events, initiatives, for all to learn from each other what is working and where help is needed. We are holding International events encouraging others to do the same on the same dates to Fix Our World.

We are calling on the G8 Leaders of our world to keep their millennium promises.

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At 12:50pm on March 7, 2016, Mauro Di Mario - "MO" said…

It's my honor.

Looking forward to shared inspirations, our experiences, sharing hope and caring purpose.

At 8:12am on August 3, 2015, Jason Pickavance said…
I did not realize that the volunteer earth ship was this August 1st. I would absolutely love to help more then you know. Plase let me know on the next time. Much love and thanks jase
At 10:10am on July 8, 2015, Terry Dika Volchoff said…

I enjoyed meeting you as well.Linda! Keep up the good work!


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