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Toronto Public Health leads the way in warning people about Hidden Exposures

Why people should know about “Hidden Exposures”

Have you ever stood beside a perfume counter or walked down the detergent isle and felt a headache coming on? Have you ever started rubbing your eyes for no apparent reason? Maybe perhaps you might be reacting to something in the air environment. How would you know? Allergy tests are not always conclusive.

In Toronto, South Riverdale Community Health Centre (SRCHC) and Toronto Public Health (TPH) took it upon themselves to warn…


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Healthy Garden Hose?

I'll bet you never thought your garden hose could be a health problem. one-of-a-kind Clear Flow™ Water Hose is finally available in Home Hardware in Canada and in the USA Online

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Remembering the Earthquake that devastated Japan


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Peace is a way of Life

Peace is a way of Life <3 A state of Mind <3 It comes from within and shines through us in Everything we Think, Say and Do <3 Fear, Doubt and Negativity are blocks. Empty your mind of these things, breathe and allow all the new possibilities to shine through <3 Be Peace and Peace Will Be <3 I Love You <3…


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Species Directory WWF January 2016



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The 13 Largest Oil Spills in History

The 13 largest oil spills in history


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Water Peace Project - MY HADO - Monthly Water Ceremony



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We Only have Today

I don't believe in some day I believe in today <3 Live life to the fullest right now <3 Give it all you've got and create the world we all want and deserve <3 Today is all we have! If you're not living your fullest self Kick it up a few notches <3

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Be Mindful

Everything YOU Think Say and Do has Power. Please use Your power for Love and Kindness, Peace, Joy and Service <3 Shine like the Glorious Sun shining down on us today!! Sending My Love to All My Brothers and Sisters and All of Creation in this world and the next <3 Be Peace Eternally, Externally and Internally <3 Block Negative Thoughts, Words and Actions <3 I Love you I Love You I LOVE YOU <3…


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Don't forget to Vote It's you're right!


Ways to vote

Away from home or busy on election day? Ready to vote early? You choose the way you want to vote.


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Water Peace




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6th Fix Our World Festival Community Fusion

Fix Our World Healing Fair Sept 5,6, 2015 seeking Drummers, Organic Products, Artists, Vendors, Crafters, Handmade, Natural Products, Workshops, Guest Speakers, Healing Practitioners, Health, Peace, Environment, Empowerment Groups, Clubs, All Ages, All Cultures.

This year we are hosting the Healing Fair at the busy Fernbrook Resort 20 min from Hamilton it's a beautiful Family Resort book your campground

Fernbrook Resort at…


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Greetings from The 2015 Global Peace Games Team. I am inviting you to join our quest for Global Peace with a Focus on South Sudan refugee Children in Northern Uganda refugee camps. On 21st September, we will be joining the rest of the World to Celebrate the International Day of Peace with Refugee Children through our…

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Happy Mothers Day

Wishing All Mothers  Happy Mothers Day.  Sending Prayers for Strength, Love, Kindness, Respect, Honor and Friendship.  May you receive all you need to raise wonderful human beings who will Love Honor and Respect All Living Things.  There is Truly no Stronger Love than a Mothers Love for her children.  We are Blessed with this incredible Gift.  I am Grateful and Thankful everyday of my life for the wonderful Gift of my incredible children,…


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50 Ways to Help the Planet



"Going green" doesn't have to be a daunting task that means sweeping life changes. Simple things can make a difference.

The contents of this list might not be new, but they bear repeating. Sometimes it takes a few reminders for things take…


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Blue Dot Event


Live around Hamilton? RSVP today for your Blue Dot event…


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Pineal Gland

Pineal Gland

I picked the first couple of sites to send as a starter but there are many many indepth sites you can search. 
I kept this simple.
There is a tremendous amount of information on the internet, which makes it easy to research, but time consuming if you are really interested!

We all have the ability to activate our Pineal Gland, there are meditation techniques etc and some people just naturally use it.  You must be in a state…

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