Tom Martin Sues London School of Economics for Sexism / Gender Bias

Here we have a man suing one of the most famous schools of economics. He has already received quite a few write ups in some newspapers. Before we get to the newspaper clippings lets look at Toms youtube vid first. Really quite an eye opener. Pay particular attention to the 5 minute mark in the video.

So from Tom's video we can see that society is asleep regarding men's issues. He lists about 160 of them and yet society is only concerned about women's issues. Society, for the most part, only receives information from the main stream media about women's issues. That would make the list  about 161.

His Website is here :

An update from the site:

"Tom Martin's sex discrimination lawsuit against Europe's largest gender studies department at The London School of Economics (LSE) has been delayed, a hearing now rescheduled for March 13th. Tom has given an interview for a programme on satellite news channel Press TV on 'the future of feminism', which awaits broadcast, and also, has recently been invited to take part in a debate at University College London (UCL), on the prevalence of misandry in academia and society, a date not yet set. Tom invites all other press and media to contact him directly:"

Here is Tom making the news:

Former student sues LSE over its 'gender bias' against men

Tony Bonnici
5 Sep 2011

"The London School of Economics is facing legal action after a former student claimed its gender studies course was sexist - against men.

Tom Martin, who quit the university after six weeks, claims in papers lodged at the Central London county court that lecturers ignored male issues.

He is claiming some £50,000 citing breach of contract, misleading advertising, misrepresentation, and breach of the Gender Equality Duty Act."

And from

" Man Sues London School Of Economics For 'Sexism' "

Tom Martin

"The esteemed London School of Economics (LSE), home to the largest gender studies program in Europe, has been hit with a lawsuit by a former Masters student claiming it teaches “systemic sexism.”

The man, 39-year-old Tom Martin, based in London, began pursuing an MSc degree in gender, media and culture at the LSE’s Gender Institute in October 2009. He withdrew six weeks later, citing “anti-male discrimination” in the coursework.

“Its programs actively block men’s discourse and perpetuate the men-bad, women-good dialogue,” Martin told me by phone yesterday. “I want gender studies to be more inclusive for men.” "

Tom has been doing the men's rights movement a world of good launching this lawsuit so I  urge you to go and have a look at his website. Support him if you can.

We have let misandry permeate every facet of life today and without people speaking out and acting against it the fate of men and boys is bleak.

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