Well I am sure that the local people are well aware of how the ETF (supposedly the top cops special training and all) went on a call to arrest a drug dealer of Greek heritage and got the wrong address. Wow they are truly specially trained officers who can’t even get the right address.
When they arrive at the wrong house not only do they fail to double check their facts but they also apparently left their glasses at home that day as the person’s house whom they forcibly entered was not of Greek heritage but was in fact a person who recently emigrated from Myanmar.
Now I don’t know about you the general populace but I always get the two countries and heritages mixed up. I mean after all the cultures are so closely related almost like two peas in a pod.
One could say that they are geological neighbours sharing the same culture and religion. At least I am sure that is how the police here in Hamilton will put it.
Again more mistakes from the Hamilton Police which will undoubtedly cost you and me the tax payers a very large sum of money. Don’t worry too much about it though after all it will probably be swept under the rug a non-disclosure agreement signed and the Ontario tax payer left in the dark as to how much our local finest police are costing us not only in sums of money but also in sums of violence.
Are the people of Hamilton going to start trusting the police more or less after this latest fiasco?
Are the local populace going to start to take matters into their own hands rather than calling the local inept cops whose elite can’t even tell the difference between a people of Asian heritage from a person of Greek heritage.
This dose not resemble in any way shape or form an arrest that happened a few years ago when a African Canadian was arrested by two of Hamilton’s finest after a jewellery store robbery. The description went out as a Caucasian and they arrest a person who was non-Caucasian, again a stellar job of the Hamilton Police force or is it farce?
If you care to read about this series of events here is the link:


It would appear that our police force is blind and incompetent at the very least but wait don’t these individuals have to be fairly educated to actually be hired on for the local police force? It would appear so for here are the requirements to become a police officer:

According to a provincial law called the Police Services Act, if you want to be a police officer in Ontario, you must first meet the following requirements:
• Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada
• Be at least 18 years of age
• Be physically and mentally able to perform the duties of the position, having regard to your own safety and the safety of members of the public
• Have successfully completed at least four years of secondary school education or its equivalent (note: official transcripts and diplomas will be required); where education has been completed outside Ontario, official proof of equivalency must be obtained by contacting the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training
• Be of good moral character and habits, meaning that you are an individual other people would look upon as being trustworthy and having integrity

Let’s see I know kindergarten children who can tell the difference between people of different colour, race, or creed. Guess our education system for police officers must be different from what the rest of us went through in school.
Be of good moral Character hmmm well let’s see if engaging in discrimination is considered to be of good moral character than maybe we should start hiring people from the Klu Klux Klan. (a miserable bunch of individuals who can’t even spell clan right)
If arresting people because of their race, sexuality, or religion is considered to be of good moral character and therefore people would look upon you as being trustworthy and having integrity. Well then here in Hamilton we are blessed with a number of individuals who fit that description, or do they?
Was the recent news of David Doel having porn on his police computer an indication of good moral character or was it the charges of obstruction of justice I know what makes him a person we all should look up to it was the charge of him having sex while on duty! Truly a moral pillar of the community.
Here’s the link to what crimes he is alleged to have committed:


So where does that leave us the citizens of Hamilton and Ontario?
It leaves us paying more taxes for the lawsuits which happen because of these individuals and they are not cheap. A recent case that went through the courts was that of a Caledonia couple who sued for 7 million dollars. The crown did not even put forth a defense they just wasted our tax dollars took up court time and then paid out an undisclosed sum. Now why is it that the Ontario Government did not want you its constituents to know how much a few corrupt police and or political individuals cost you?
I would say as a layman that the politicians and that would be our fearless leader Dalton and a few of his inner circle just don’t want it to be known that it cost us all a very large sum and that it may have even been the full 7 million.
What could our government done with $7,000,000.00 ?
Well am pretty sure some hospitals could have used that money or how about daycare, how about our highways and byways am pretty sure there are a few potholes here in Hamilton not to mention how on Burlington street a whole truck almost swallowed by a sink hole or how about our sewer run off system pretty sure there are a few people living in low lying areas that could use a sewer upgrade, How about some more funding for our schools I am damn sure that they could use the money for if the elite cops can’t get the right address and the right race then they are really in need of some cash, course how about post secondary education facilities they are in need of money as well.
Truth be known it is not going to happen as the politicians in power and their minister are too busy denying us our right to equality and when found out the are too busy spending our tax dollars to cover it up. Millions of dollars at a time!
So what does this mean to us all? Are we as a province with the right to vote in or out whom ever we please going to just sit there and allow the current politicians who are in office right now to continue to spend our hard earned and in these days and times very scarce tax dollars to cover up their discriminatory ways?
Are we going to allow this bunch of bigots to continue to throw tax dollars as hush money to those individuals they have wronged?
Are we willing to let or sons and daughters continue to fight at home and abroad while letting the politicians to ignore the very same rights and freedoms we ask them to protect while in the service of our country?
Are we just a bunch of tax donations without equal representation ?

Isn’t it about time we as citizens stood up and said enough is enough?
What is it going to take before we stop allowing our rights and freedoms being trampled on by those whom we elected?
Will it be another multi-million dollar lawsuit? Or will it be something more serious?

I for one am not letting this happen! I am done with allowing my rights and freedoms to be ignored and used as toilet paper for politicians crooked cops, crooked crown attorneys and as well at least one crooked Justice of the peace.
I am bringing forth all this evidence on this page as well as numerous emails and other correspondence before the courts first in a criminal matter and then it will be a civil matter. I have already let the crown attorney know that if the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was adhered to I would keep my civil lawsuit to a minimum but unfortunately that would have meant the crown admitting something was wrong and that I was discriminated against.
Not giving in and not giving up but willing to do whatever it takes for the Constitution to be protected and adhered to here in Hamilton,
Dan perrins

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