November 16 follow up to Senator Cools video

I know that today I was going to do some writing on fraud and the domestic abuse / violence issue and I would like to and will but something happened yesterday which I have been following in the news and it needs more public awareness.

First lets look at the statistics Canadian Senator Cools refers to in the video from yesterday.

1) In 2004 -- the base year of the study -- 654,000 women and 546,000 men reported being the victims of spousal violence at least once in the previous five years. That's a nearly equal proportion of both sexes -- 7% of Canadian women and 6% of Canadian men.

2) both sexes are equally likely (23% each) to hit their partners with an object of some sort

3) threaten the other with a gun or knife (11% male versus 9% female)

4) female assaulters are more likely to kick, bite or hit (40% to 27%)

5) female assaulters are more likely to slap (57% to 36%)

6) female assaulters are more likely to throw something (49% to 44%)

Now I would love to find the statistics relating to false accusations made by females to police about males but I haven't just yet. However if we look at what females statistically are using in regards of "tools" and or objects as assault weapons then one can safely assume that Police Services are being used as well.

Now the news.
Yesterday November 15, 2010 the truly evil and vindictive Elaine Campione was found guilty of first degree murder in the killings of two INNOCENT children. INNOCENT I cannot fathom how a person kills children let alone their own!

We should all hang our collective heads in shame! Everyone of voting age and with the mental ability to understand. Every citizen Every legal professional Every man who has ever taken a plea bargain because it was easier not because they were guilty. We are responsible for this and without us addressing the true issue of domestic abuse / violence it will happen again. In a justice system where only men can commit crimes against women and a woman's word is to believed regardless of the evidence situations like the Campione murders are primed to happen again just as if the justice system was loading a gun and holding it to innocent victims heads.
This tragedy is something I believe that ALL CANADIAN CITIZENS need to take note of. This has happened because we have ignored women's rights to be treated equally and have them held accountable for their actions. The In-Justice System is only willing believe that men are evil and capable of domestic abuse / violence. This is discriminatory and has led us to where two innocent children have been murdered. Damn that woman's soul! Damn the Police force who only took her word as truth Damn the crown for selective prosecutions of men, Damn the judges who are too willing to lick the boot heal of misandry, Damn the abused woman's shelters who fabricate data to extract more money from the government, the innocent blood of those children is on your hands! I hope you spend the rest of your days having nightmares over this!

From what I have read on the subject and from the news reports there can be no doubt that this evil person committed the crimes. The thing that is the most shocking is that she did it to deprive her estranged husband of custody of the children. She made allegations to the local police force that Mr Campione had abused her and her daughter which the Barrie Police took as the absolute truth. Barrie Police laid the charges against him. This is something that happens everyday all day long across Canada, and in some cases there can be no doubt that a husband has abused a wife but what is lacking is the converse circumstances.The failure to arrest a woman on abuse allegations or to do a proper investigation in a domestic abuse situation has lead us to where an abusive and controlling woman commits the ultimate evil act.

From the evidence on my web-page both documentary ( Pc Cottrill's own offense report shows the discriminatory and selective charging of females in domestics) and my own statements it is clear police are not willing to do as the Charter of Rights and Freedoms demands them to. So it has been clearly established that police services are not willing to believe a male when it comes to domestic issues.

The story appears to start with her making allegations about him being an abuser, this is a key point. And I point to the statistics from StatsCan where it is reported that women are more likely to throw an object (49% of females to 44% of males). This strongly suggests that Ms Campione was capable of using the police as an assault weapon against Mr.Campione. After all can there be any more destructive weapon used by a woman than have a man forcibly taken out of a home he helped pay for have him thrown in jail charged force him to pay huge legal bills to defend himself, and then to really twist the knife that has been thrust in his back, deny him visits with his children?

I'm not saying all men are angels and I abhor spousal abuse / violence, it needs to be taken care of, it needs to stop and those who actively engage in it need to be punished and or counseled to help them overcome this social evil. What I am saying is that by only believing one side of a story or only accepting that only 1 sex is the abuser is ridiculous.

Mr.Campione, was labeled a monster, unfounded assault charges laid against him by Elaine — accusations he steadfastly denies — allegations still untested in court. Allegations which were stayed by the Crown "The Crown has carefully reviewed both cases and has concluded that it is appropriate and in the interest of the administration of justice that the charges against Mr. Campione be stayed until the case against Mrs. Campione is concluded," Faveri said.
Only after the crime of murder does the Crown act in defense of a man.
This is where the courts are failing us,, you, me, our children our grandchildren,everyone! For you see if Mr Campione"s version of events were believed at anytime by the Barrie Police, or the Crown Attorneys those innocent children may still be alive.

His word wasn't and now we collectively have to admit that this domestic abuse / violence issue has gotten out of hand and is killing innocent people.
This tragedy is even worse for even with Mr. Campione never having been found guilty the judge in the case against Ms Elaine Campione made remarks that were extremely disturbing about Mr Campione.

His Honour Justice Alfred Stong remarks are a direct contradiction of section 11 (d) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms which states:

(d) to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law in a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal;

Here is what Judge Stong said and this is public court record.

“It is more than disconcerting to think that if Ms Campione had not been so abused, so used and discarded as a person, her two daughters could still be alive.’’

OMG!!!! I mean did this Judge take an extra dose of incompetent pills
that day? Did he forget his oath to the Constitution of Canada? This
Judge should know section 11(d) inside and out it is a tenet of
fundamental justice! Innocent until proven guilty and yet he is still
labeling that monster Ms Campione as a victim despite it has never been
tested in a court of law? This speaks volumes about the justice system's
myopic view on domestic abuse / violence.
This is unacceptable for a judge to make such statements. Again I point to section 11(d) trials are to be fair and impartial. Justice Stong has in effect passed judgment on Mr Campione without a trial ever having taken place but in the "justice is blind" realm apparently it matters if you have xx or xy chromosomes. remember those statistics gathered by statscan pointing out that there is about a 1% difference between men and women in the instances of abuse and or violence by their significant others. Justice Alfred Stong has only the word or the lies of a convicted murderess made not in his courtroom. Lies told to police, Lies told to psychiatrists, Lies told to counselors and Lies told to residents at a women’s shelter. Lies which were never proven in a court of law and lies which the crown asked to have stayed or in layman terms to stop the proceedings against Mr. Campione. Lies that she was horribly mistreated, more than a year before she killed her own children. Lies which Mr Cmapione was defending himself against, Lies which he was going to court to defend himself against and expose but that will never happen as it appears his ex knew her lies would not hold up in court and did her evil deed.

Judge Stong's next remarks that I find to be disturbing are as follows:

“The circumstances of this case are undeniably and inordinately tragic. One can only hope that they do not reflect, even at their most extreme, a direction of our society. One of the greatest challenges seen routinely and daily in our Family Courts dealing with the breakdown of the family unit is an increasing inability to make personal commitments, much less permanent commitments.’’

Hello Judge Stong Reality here and I've been Pounding on these court house doors for oh so long, to let you in on a not so little secret and that is when one groups rights to equality are ignored in favor of another group how long do you think it takes before things turn violent? The direction society is taking is from the court system. When only laying charges against men and not holding women accountable for their crimes it only adds fuel to an already explosive situation and for years it was the battered woman syndrome where a woman killed her husband because he was an abuser and she was not able to have him brought to justice for it. Again there is only a 1% difference in the instances of abuse between the sexes statscan already proves this.

Next Comment by Judge Stong:

“Perhaps that is influenced by societal features such as their ‘throw away concept’ or the ‘disregard when no longer wanted approach,’ both of which impact not only on the environment but on building and maintaining even the most intimate of relationships.’’

Ok I agree this throw away approach in society is wrong but who really threw away something in these events? Ms Campione threw away and discarded the lives of Mr. Campione's innocent children away by murdering them to be vindictive against him. She had him thrown out of the house we can't be sure if her allegations were true but what we can be sure of is that once Mr Campione decided to stick up for his rights and she knew that her lies would be exposed she did something horrendous. This happens after he has moved on and is seeing another woman and is serving her papers to sell the matrimonial home. Again hang your heads in shame Canada.

Judge Stong's next comments:

“Insofar as society is prepared to tolerate the degradation of some of its members, be it by proliferation of pornography on the Internet or by aggrandizement of violence such as permeates the entertainment industry and sometimes sports events, it owes an enhanced responsibility to its weaker and more vulnerable members who as victim/offenders act out of the expected norm.’’

See there judge society has tolerated the degradation of males through the proliferation of anit-male propaganda its called misandry. Try looking it up on the net sometime maybe take a dose of reality or just look at what statscan has to say about the prevelance of abuse between the sexes. The courts do owe an enhanced responsibility to the weaker and more vulnerable members of society. That means not just one sex it means both sexes! The myopic view that only men are abusers makes males the weaker members and gives women the ability to use and abuse the justice system against men.

The only victims were the children and Mr. Campione. They deserved so much better from the justice system and it failed him irrevocably.

So yes we should all hang our heads in shame! All of us for not doing the right thing when it was asked of us, the justice system, ( Police Crown Attorneys and Judicial officials, not all just the ones who are only to willing to tow the "only men can do bad" propaganda), is only part of the problem for if we do not hold them accountable for their actions then we are the others who are to blame.


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