Canadian Senator Anne C. Cools lets us know the Real Statistics about domestic violence/ abuse issues

The Respected and Honorable Canadian Senator Anne C. Cools has gone on record as saying "there is so much bogus nonsense coming out of those shelters in respect of research and data"
The "bogus" data is also added to by Hamilton Police as well. All you have to do is look at the Photo labeled Cottrill where in the official police report created by the officer states:

A) the situation was a verbal dispute despite the fact that there was a confession to the crime of assault made to the officer and his partner that night an officer Pc Svec

B) That the perpetrator of the crime of assault, who freely and openly admitted to the crime, was taken to an abused woman's shelter.

Now if Hamilton Police Services wasn't willing to do their proper jobs with a spouse who confessed to the crime of assault then why would they bother to do their job when it comes to other crimes committed by women against men? Conversely why are our jails so full of male perpatrators of domestic abuse issues when the statistics show and Senator Cools herself suggests that there is "selective prosecutions" of men in the justice system.

Lets re-cap
Irrefutable evidence of crimes committed by women against a man on this web page.
Hamilton Police are notified on several occasions nothing is done
Hamilton Police file a situation as a "verbal dispute" even when there is a confession to the crime of assault.
Hamilton Police take perpetrator of crime to abused woman's shelter adding to "bogus" statistics and data

Wonder why your taxes are increasing?
Do you feeling like the crime of fraud has been committed against you by your own government and or Hamilton Police Services?
Some of you will be asking yourself why is my son being charged with a domestic violence case when it was his wife / girlfriend who attacked him?

Answer the Justice system which includes, Hamilton Police Services The Crown Attorney and the Attorney General Minister Chris Bentley and abused woman's shelters of Ontario is and has been enjoying the fruits of very easy prey. will be posting about that tomorrow.

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