Is Laughter Yoga for Everyone?

I am not here to make you laugh. I’m here to help you liberate your innate and infinite ability to laugh.

 If you want someone to open up to you, just make them laugh. Sharing a few good giggles and chuckles makes people more willing to tell others something personal about themselves, without even necessarily being aware that they are doing so.

Laughter Yoga is a unique health concept that unconditionally involves laughter and deep breathing.
The wonderful thing about LY is practically anyone can do it. No sense of humor is required, no special clothing is needed and feeling good in the first place is not a requirement.
“When we laugh, our jaws move, sending a message directly to the brain to release feel-good hormones. People living with dementia can bypass the intellect and go directly to the powerful medicine of laughter.

The most frequently asked question is,
 “How do you laugh when you are in no mood to laugh or you don’t have any reason to laugh?”
The answer is quite simple. Motion creates emotion, or simulate to stimulate your desired results. In other words, to get the party started you have to start the party, whether it’s to buy invitations, write them out, send them, plan the refreshments, create a theme and then watch everything else fall into place.

Three starter benefits of laughing are;

Physical Balance - Every single second you're not sitting still, you're actively improving your ability to deal with stress and improve your physical resilience.

Emotional Alignment - You have the power to provoke powerful positive emotions when you need them the most. Learn to invoke these 3 starter benefits and ignite your emotional resilience and rewire your DNA. 

Use your mind's resources to create greater levels of happiness, joy, creativity, and mental resilience. The power of belief can change your bio-chemistry, boost your willpower and awaken a powerful new force inside you. 

Did you know, the average person looks 793.7% more attractive when they smile?
Not to mention healthier, wiser, slimmer, richer, and cooler.
Add laughter to that and you’ll blow this percentage off the richter scale.

To begin living like you've never lived before, begin living like you've never lived before.

         “With no downsides, side-effects, or risks, perhaps it is time to consider laughter seriously.”
@DrSharma, Edmonton, AB

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