Charles Adler Gender neutral, or neutered? "Lego Friends' sounds so nice! Why are feminists furious about it? Charles, Jacqui and Krista weigh in."

Why is it the gender feminist community would take such offense to having a more female friendly version of lego?

Are gender feminists so out of touch with reality?

Isn't feminism's goal for people to have freedom of choice and equality?

Clearly with feminist radicals you are not permitted to have freedom of choice. According to them the only choice you can freely have is theirs.

I call bullshit on gender feminists I'll keep my freedom of choice and if you don't like it please feel free to go pound salt.

The National Post as well did an article debunking gender feminists stand  on the lego topic

"Michael McNally, brand relations director at Lego for North America, told the National Post: "We wanted to look at what we could do differently to attract more girls to construction play."

"Prof. Wong dismisses the gender criticism as similar to those that have dogged Barbie for a long time, saying the doll fares better as a neutral character than a specialized one.

"You don't have to give Barbie a black suit and a briefcase to make my daughter think that she can be a lawyer." Or a lab coat and miniskirt to suggest a career in medicine."

Some of you may remember the famous case of David Reimer. This case clearly proves that there is something in our nature which predisposes a human to their sex. While there are some people who are born inter sexed and I am not denying their right to become the sex they feel inside. What I am saying is that the ideology that gender and therefore sex is a nurture issue is horse crap.

 A couple of excerpts from David's case

"This tragic situation made for a perfect case study. What does gender mean if one male twin can be raised as a boy, while the other male twin becomes a girl? But no one knew if this experiment would work."


"DAVID REIMER: I was never happy as Brenda. Never. I'd slit my throat before I'd go back to that. I'd never go back to that. It didn't work because that's life, because you're human and you're not stupid and eventually you wind up being who you are."

From the nova special on this case, found here:

David's tragic life from wikipedia:

But gender feminists would continue to disregard empirical evidence like David's case. They do so at your and society's peril

So as a Canadian citizen I must ask myself and you as well the reader are you willing to allow gender feminists to dictate what toys are available for your child?

Are you willing to allow gender feminists dictate how society is to be?


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