The difficulty and uncertainty we all come upon... cannot be resolved until reality is faced and that reality is this... No species, individual, or form of being, can remain distant from naturally regenerating, inter-dependence... and survive... Never mind receive or achieve supreme status, global dominance, heavenly reward, eternal bliss or evolving life.

Ongoing existence only embraces beings, forms, and ways of being... that inter-depend and sync and sanity... throughout all inter-connected environs and amongst inter-sustaining species.

Species and ways of being... which have already or may become embraced within inter-evolving existence... Are made up of, a vast majority of individual members... that exist in paralleling flow or co-responding synchrony. Seeking not, perfect balance, absolute harmony, immaculate standing or regal supremacy... but simply and humbly equating... as inter-contributing elements within a... constantly undulating... ever-adjusting... inter-exchanging compatibility... An unbridled, free-flowing process... within which natural hybridization and organic innovation occurs...

Throughout such inter-relating circumstances...each burgeoning form has its resolve toward sustaining this overall compatibility tested, and our evaluation comes to fruition yet most keep rearranging the deck chairs on our sinking ships.

As most individuals within our various forms of being... continue to tilt nature’s underlying fulcrum, including that and those already consecrated; and our host... as well.

I am here to explain that we have no human, civil, financial, patriotic, cultural or theological right to abuse this planet and all other occupants. Yet in spite of what is globally revealed we persist... en mass... Yielding both our personal and collective measurement, on the scales of life’s living done... To tax keepers, who assure us, all, will be fine... soul keepers, who assure us, theirs is the only validity, needed... and toll keepers who assure, commerce outweighs communion.

I am here to explain that adoption into life’s entire family requires consistent demonstration of a whole sum orientation...A demeanor of exponential consideration or universal conscientiousness...That the vast majorities within our species fail to embrace. Rendering our individual and collective prospects... bleak... at best.

Yet comparatively, it is not so long since human form emerged... born from and into the midst of creations evolving incubation... with opportunity and resource to adapt and endear.

Yet we who remain prove otherwise inclined... generation over generation.... No matter creed, culture, category, complexion, cause, constituency, prosperity or persuasion...

I am here to explain the following as well...

There is no holy sanctuary, secure place, golden veto, immunity idol, exclusive influence, last minute evacuation, commander in chief, prophet, or savior... that or who blindly protects or saves any... Who willfully and steadfastly oppose, disrupt and destroy our very source... and as well... that and those already adopted.

Further I am here to explain that those that continued our way... despite what was universally revealed... now stand alone and defenseless like a deer in our own headlights... As every shock often caused and certainly accelerated by our own heads and hands... May well become our last experience.

Right this red-hot minute, all that remain, encounter our collective folly... Almost unanimously exposed, out of sync, out of touch, off balance and short on time... or better said... limitlessness.

We... as a species are not in sole charge of existence, this is not our planet...alone. Additionally, we as a species of individuals with choice... Have not chosen to achieve compatibility and now stand beneath idols, ideals, doctrines and structures condemned.... devoid... insolvent ... With little or no ability to survive on our own or even amongst our own. As civilization’s self-declared stature and status succumbs... Yet virtually every indigenous foundation or locally regenerative sustainability has long since departed our collective’s local ways, globally.

I am here to explain that we have no other choice but to embrace natural cadence by being industrious indigenously and regenerating inter-sustain-ably... Only then will any of us endure, re-habituate and endear... even amongst one another.

We that remain collide with one overwhelming reality.

Existence exists, with or without human consciousness... Awareness of self, does not set the human species apart...Our inherent abusiveness, does... There are many illusions, assumptions, addictions and abuses to be acknowledged, accepted, rescinded and rehabilitated away from, before we have any hope of saving what is left of what we call humanity or perhaps any of us.

So just how rude we continue to make our wakening is ours to choose but awakened we will be.

We can either, arose to this caution on our own and prepare before the worst hits. Or go cold turkey... But at best, human survival will be difficult... however... it is now absolutely necessary to intervene upon our selves... of our own accord... because nature’s intervention... will not be on our behalf.

What, or whom any follow. Who, any claim or imagine we are, or what any accumulate, profess to, preach about or take pride in, does not... and cannot alone, replace individual... or collective... merit.

All potential forms of being incubate and emerge incrementally, with opportunity to adapt and adopt amicably amongst... but never at the expense of the whole sum. Cream cannot be continuously forced to and skimmed off of the top by any individual, group, or species... rather... it must remain mutually flowing and absorbed throughout.

That... which oversees over all... Whatever form we conjure, imagine or believe in. Even if “it” came to be by accident. Does not embrace steadfast refusal... to exist within one... underlying expectation... while we destroy all that surrounds.

None possess overriding influence, godlike supremacy, or a free pass. Yet most of us remain in denial and on the edge...

However... most who remain, could still be... differently...

Yet... as of right now because of the overwhelming collection of our individual actions... Our species remains a growing malignancy upon this living organism incubating in space... We remain a species of beings, whose extinction, or eradication, would improve, ever-balancing, inter-dependent existence.

If you think it will not be important to have locally functioning and self replenishing community in these coming days... you are in a daze, even still.

Don’t sacrifice your self on false reality.

Right now we are all vulnerable.

...I was walking in the market today and a man was saying so seriously to another that all there is, is now.

This has never been more relevant because the way most continue to travel, and gain our means, has no future.

Any who seek to achieve remission are advised and encouraged to embrace inter-dependent, regenerative sustainability in balance with the underlying nature of existence... Not soon or some day but today and every day... in every way we are, in every motive we have and method we use while seeking the company of those who journey this way.

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