“A bad statistic,” says sociologist Joel Best, “is harder to kill than a vampire.”

“A bad statistic,” says sociologist Joel Best, “is harder to kill than a vampire.” Bad statistics come from bad intellectual faith. And in no field does bad intellectual faith run more rampant than that of domestic violence. This statement was taken from an article by Barbra Kay.


A well respected journalist who is helping to expose bad statistics as well as many other social issues that plague our Country. So why do I point out this article? The answer is below.

Here is what Hamilton Police Services are saying:

High-RiskDomestic Violence Initiative

Detective Sgt. Chris Kiriakopoulos

Victims of Crime Branch

DetectivesDave Dunbar & Phil Fleming

Family Violence Resource Unit

Hamilton Statistics:

1.)Population 500,000

2.)Over 6000 domestic related calls for service annually

3.)1,600 domestic violence criminal investigations

4.)95% of offenders are male

5.)50% of offenders are repeat offenders

Taken from page 2 of Hamilton Police Services High-Risk Domestic Violence Initiative located on the web page below


This report was put out by Hamilton Police Services and forces us all to ask the question

“how is it that Hamilton Ontario statistics are so out of “whack” with what Statistics Canada is reporting?”

The answer is to be found in the Police report filed by Cottrill in my own case and it is included in this article.

So what Hamilton Police Services would have us believe is this, that out of 6000 domestic calls annually only 1600 resulted in criminal investigations.

95% of the offenders were male. This translates to the number that 1520 in the criminal investigations were male leaving a remainder of only 80 women who have been violent towards their spouses. I am having a difficult time believing that in all of Hamilton's population there are only 80 cases of abusive women.

Now look at this Police Report in my own personal case. I ask you to make note of 1 extremely important fact that goes a long way in explaining why Hamilton Police Services is able to make the statement that 95% of the offenders were males and it is this:

I was assaulted with with no prior threat or that I was assaulted as a result of the female defending herself. The assaulter admits it and despite the fact that this IS a VIOLENT CRIME Hamilton Police Service officers report this incident as a verbal. This forces us to also ask the question “ How many of those 6000 calls to police were about female against male domestic abuse or violent situations?”

Here is some reports by Statistics Canada that insinuates that Hamilton Domestic issues are in a universe all by itself:

One–year rates of spousal violence from the 1999 General Social Survey indicate that an estimated 220,000

women (3%) and about 177,000 men (2%) with a current spouse or ex-spouse had been the victim of some

form of spousal violence in the past twelve months. Men and women are exposed to this risk in almost the

same proportions.

In 2000, police recorded common assault (63%) as the most serious offence for the majority of victims of

spousal violence. A slightly greater proportion of women (63%) were victims of common assault than were

men (59%).


Statistics Canada's information:

  1. In 2004 -- the base year of the study -- 654,000 women and 546,000 men reported being the victims of spousal violence at least once in the previous five years. That's a nearly equal proportion of both sexes -- 7% of Canadian women and 6% of Canadian men.

    2) both sexes are equally likely (23% each) to hit their partners with an object of some sort

    3) threaten the other with a gun or knife (11% male versus 9% female)

    4) female assaulters are more likely to kick, bite or hit (40% to 27%)

    5) female assaulters are more likely to slap (57% to 36%)

    6) female assaulters are more likely to throw something (49% to 44%)


Now lets look at what these numbers seem to point out:

Statistics Canada's data shows that spousal abuse is almost the same with a difference of about 1%-2%.

I fully acknowledge that an assault by a man could create more physical damage. Men typically have a larger body size and tend to be physically stronger.

That being said does an assault against a man hurt less emotionally? Physically? Is it less of a crime according to the Criminal Code of Canada?

The answer is NO!

Men's emotional well being is traumatized.

Men's physical well being is traumatized as well maybe not as seriously as a woman's could be but a crime is a crime is a crime.

The Criminal Code of Canada doesn't say assault is only a crime if it is committed against a woman it makes this very clear in its wording through out the law. You will find that what is described as a crime usually has these words in the opening line “ EVERYONE WHO ” and then the rest of the description of the crime follows.

Now why is it that in Hamilton here we have a rate of 95% abusers being male?

From Hamilton Police Services own data it states that 6000 calls a year for domestic related calls for service and 1600 result in criminal investigations. This translates into the following number, that 1520 criminal investigations were against males. With the remainder being investigations against females.

Hamilton Police Services receives a lot of money from our collective tax coffers to help prosecute domestic violence issues by classifying complaints against women as domestic verbal and not as they should be classified as, means that Hamilton Police Services is actively engaging in the crime of fraud.


More reading to verify what I say look here:



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female university students in 32 nations


Domestic Violence and the Male Victim


Fifty Domestic Violence Myths


Processes Explaining the Concealment and Distortion
of Evidence on Gender Symmetry in Partner Violence by Murray A. Straus


Why the Overwhehning Evidence on Partner
Physical Violel.1~e1>y"\Vo1ll.enHas Not Been
Perceived and Is Often Denied


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