The Hamilton Police are a Crooked dispicable lot who are rife with crime and Discriminatory practices.

If this was a false statement then the Hamilton Wentworth Police Services should be starting a libel and or slander suit and prove me either right or wrong in a court of law! If they choose not to address this statement then by way of silence they are admitting guilt.

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This statement could be taken to mean several things, but, given that it's wording is a matter of subjective interpretation and how expensive court cases are, the number of complaints the police receive with respect to emotional outbursts and the crime rate in Hamilton, it's not surprising they don't respond to this sort of statement. This is particularly true for statements made online. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms affords you the right to an opinion. Start disrupting the peace with this sort of statement and they might have something to say about it.
yes court battles are expensive and given that the city has already given around $500,000.00 to the very same firm that represnts the respondents in the complaint filed in 2006 don't you think that they would like some of that money back via me? The city of Hamilton pays the Police I say the Police are crooked and welcome a slander suit by them after all they already have the Gowlings law firm on retainer in another dispute. You seem pretty educated pay attention to what I post and not just scim through it.
Again you seem failry educated and well versed in law and access to canli after all nobody really puts a disclaimer on advice and the fact that you do kinda makes me wonder what law firm you work for?
Your playing the devils advocate I do enjoy but if you don't believe what is posted why did you go through all the trouble of signing up but please reply I will answer as long as I can before this site is shut down and I will go to the other 2 or 3 sites up and waiting to replace this one.
I am not a lawyer.
I play the devil's advocate in every conversation because I believe it is the most effective way of spreading out the information from the ad hominem to get a clearer representation of the case and application. I don't believe you're lieing. I do believe you deserve your day in court and that the sheer amount of "red-tape" thrown at your case speaks very badly for public policy in Hamilton. I am not trying to paint government officials as saints or police as righteous by questioning you. If anyone has taken my words to imply I am then they are fools. I have no interest in the politics. I saw you on the street with your signs. I like that you've chosen to protest as a way to get around the charge of loitering, but at some point if you keep this up then you will succeed and I'm afraid that you might not be able to present a case if you get your day in court. At which time, if you fail then...I'll not go into detail what they can do here.(They might be reading this).
Fair enough, Ok. My next question is how low can Hamilton's finest go? First it was removal of posters and intimidation and now it is a smear campaign to discredite me. I say day six, day seven, same time, same bat channel.

One step at a time...
My recommendation, ask for charity. If they want to take down your posters start a fund raiser to gain money to purchase a sign that they can't take down, but keep in mind it must be factual. A 12 ft poster saying the cops are all liars will be removed and you won't get your money back.

When the Freethought Association pushed to have signs put up featuring the Atheist Campaign slogan "There is no God. Now relax and enjoy your life", there was alot of resistence, but the fact of the matter was, as an opinion goes there was no evidence to support scientifically otherwise, but in the case of slander, the onus is not on the is on the claimant to prove their slander is the truth. A few things to keep in mind as you move forward.
Sorry missed your reply on this discussion grey matter is a little thick due to lack of nourishment but I'm still hungrier for Equal rights ,,,
Well I shouldn't need donations all that I am asking for is my Constitutional Rights which have been ignored for 11 months. I Ask for nothing just what I am entitled to nothing more nothing less when people offer me money I find it funny as the sign says my hunger is voluntary. I don't need money I / We all need our Charter Rights.
It is suppossed to be absolute and I have found the system to be lacking severly on multiple levels of government.
That is why those people are listed I have sent numerous emails and some them none to plesant but if you gurantee something you better practice what you preach or expect somebody to be angry about it.
Thats me an angry man who has drawn his line in the sand for I have not been treated equal as the documents show.
Then allow me to welcome you to the fight.
I applaud your commitment and I believe it is unfortunate that you've been hit with the butt of this countries proverbial bread and butter, but as is the nature of governments that operate on a budget of blood and tourism, "The death of one person means bread for another."
We don't need any more martyrs.
We need more leaders.

Take the fight to the heart of the matter.
It is my belief that a good leader leads by example, by not being afraid to get into the trenches and help tow the line. Martyrs a created when we all stand idly by and do nothing.
How does that saying go all that is required for evil to tiumph is for good people to stand idly by and do nothing.
Please put the call out for people to lend me their voice I ask for none to engage in a hungerstrike


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