notTV and notRadio!

I met Travis from notTV in Ottawa!  

I was so surprised because I was just telling a couple of gentlemen about the Nuremberg 2.0 trials on this new media site called notTV.  As we were chatting one of the men noticed the notTV logo on the back of a coat a few feet away from us!  So of course we went over and introduced ourselves to Travis and he explained all about notTV.

i’m so happy I got to meet Travis, they amongst many others were live streaming Truth straight from the source in Ottawa about the Peaceful Canadians who came from coast to coast to coast to stand up and unify for FREEDOM! 

Check Out notTV for Truth, Livestreams and Interviews

This is the letter I sent to each MP and Senator  in Ottawa February 21, 2022 (no one responded!) after hearing the lies spewing from MPs in the House of Commons!  Calling Peaceful Canadians exercising their  right to Peaceful Protest; Racist,Misogynist, white-supremist, illegal occupation!
           Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Member's of Parliament and Senators  
I’m shocked at the language being used in the House of Commons!  
We the Silenced for 2 years!
Ordinary Canadians
Canada is speaking, the Truckers have finally allowed our voices to be heard.  Please hear us do not approve the Emergency Act!  Stop the Mandates!  These are Crimes against Humanity!
People want their lives back and we want protection for our youth, our children, grandchildren and future generations! Freedom of Choice!

The Freedom Truckers Convoy sparked Love Hope and Freedom back into Canadians from Coast to Coast to Coast!
It’s truly incredible! Horse Convoys, Tractor Convoys, People on Bridges, and Overpasses, standing along highways and Streets in freezing temperatures Cheering on and Sending Love to Everyone! This is my Canada! I felt like it died years ago, but this showed me Love is still here! Even in the hardest of times, years of Lockdowns and Isolation from our friends and families! Not being able to be at the bedside of a dying loved one, or witness a new birth or comfort an injured or sick friend in a Hospital or Institution! Dividing all of us. Teaching our children to fear others! Signs on sidewalks Stand apart to Stand together! 
While Banks, Big Pharma and Big Corporations reap the benefits while small businesses died!  
No Christmas, Holidays or Birthday Celebrations, No Dancing, Live Music, Hugs or Kissing! 
Hide your smile behind a mask, Doctors, Nurses, Scientists Silenced while Bureaucrats and Big Tech control the Narrative!
Finally Love Shines it’s Light to All! while the whole world is watching Canada! 🧡
Thank You Freedom Truckers Convoy 
and all who support the ending of this nightmare!!

Check Out notTV for Truth, Livestreams and Interviews

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