We will Succeed in Protecting our Mother Earth and All Living Things

Please take a few minutes to review Oil Spills present to past :( https://secure.avaaz.org/en/landlock_the_tar_sands_c/?cNcsYbb
I pray that Humans wake up today, grow an overwhelming conscience to take care of All Living Things.

Respect Honor and Protect our Land Air Water Animals Birds every living thing on our beautiful planet Earth has a right to live including Humans.
The pipelines history speaks for itself. I pray that All Humans wake up to the reality of these spills that have proven time and again to be unsafe and the fact that leaks have occurred over the past 100+ years

We are Noble people! We All Share the same Air, Water, Land.
We will succeed in Protecting our Mother Earth and All Living Things with our Mind Body and Spirit from this day forward June 21, 2014 Thank You Thank You Thank You God for hearing and Honoring my Prayer.


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