The 5 Days for the Homeless campaign

The 5 Days for the Homeless campaign is an event that is put on by business schools across Canada. Its aim is to give back to the community surrounding us, with the focus being on youth shelters. The charity we work with is called the Notre Dame House which is a youth shelter in downtown Hamilton that offers many incredibly effective and valuable services to local youth. 

Awareness is raised primarily by our 6 sleepers who will be living in the MUSC courtyard for the week, equipped with nothing but a sleeping bag and pillow. They will not have access to any part of the university the regular public would not be able to access and the only food they will eat is that which is donated to them.

Throughout the week we will be selling grilled cheese and assorted baked goods (including Westdale Cupcakes!) in the lobby of the DeGroote School of Business, as well as hosting many fundraising activities in the MUSC courtyard – prizes to be won include gift cards to shops in Westdale, free food, and assorted items to be raffled off. 

We will also be collecting donations on routes covering Hamilton Mountain, Ancaster, and Westdale. In order to cover all this ground we need your help! Volunteers are needed;
- Tuesday, March 12th – all day – to distribute door hangers informing residents that we will be collecting donations
- Wednesday, March 13th – slots between 1:30 and 7:30 – to collect donations from the Hamilton Mountain area
- Thursday, March 14th – slots between 1:30 and 7:30 – to collect donations from the Ancaster area
- Friday, March 14th – slots between 9:30 and 1:30 – to collect donations from the Westdale area

If you are interested in volunteering please sign up for a time slot here -

We’re excited to see all of you out for this week-long event and we want to thank all of you who have already signed up to help with this worthy cause! 

Opening Ceremonies will occur Monday March 11th at 10:30 am in the DeGroote School of Business lobby. Closing ceremonies will be at the same spot on Friday March 15th at 2:30 pm.

If you have any questions please contact

We need you to help us reach our goal this year of $12 000 so please come out and help us with such a worthy cause!

To donate please visit or come visit us in the MUSC Courtyard!

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