The best way to Change the world is to change our inner world. This is where it all begins.

Our lot in life has way less to do with your conscious intentions than it has to to with a system of influence we are all unconsciously affected by.

 It has been proven that it has everything to do with our connection to a larger system of influence. Our Family.

When we are born we not only have our own identity we are also identified and deeply influenced by something greater than ourself.

The energy and the complex whole of your family system has everything to do with your struggles of today.

The times we live in are calling for an evolutionary approach of change.

Family Constellation is the best healing work for bringing these dynamics to light to free yourself from the entanglements of your family energy system.

If you’re experiencing, trouble in your relationships, financial struggles, health issues, patterns of defeat, inability to reach your desires, these are common extensions of your family system. 

You can bring these entanglements to life and free yourself, so you can enjoy more ease and inner calm to happily live the life you long for.

Come and see for yourself how your family of origin shapes the life you live you and make the inner shift now.

Everyone who participates in a Family Constellations Workshops experiences deep insights and lasting shifts. Your shift positively changes the connection to your family of origin for you and everyone you love.


Any issue can be looked at, anything and everthing.

If you'd like some big changes in your life but can’t make the date maybe you know someone who would benefit please, feel free to invite them.

Here are some details:

Location: Hamilton Fortinos Community Room Main St.W.

Time: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.


Date: Saturday, July 27th

Investment: $ 70.00 CAD


Location: Hamilton Fortino's Community Room

1579 Main St W, Hamilton, ON L8S 1E6

Terry Dika Volchoff

Family Constellator

PS. I look forward to seeing you and sharing a little about how Family Constellations has brought big exciting changes to me very recently.

Please reply to this message with questions and to reserve your seat of heart-opening change for you, your family, and the world.

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