Northern Fruit and Vegetable Program

Northern Fruit and Vegetable Program

This program brings healthy, nutritious food to elementary and intermediate school students in the districts of Algoma, Porcupine and Sudbury. The Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers’ Association coordinates delivery of fruits and vegetables to students at least twice a week from January to June.

Algoma Public Health, Porcupine Health Unit and Sudbury and District Health Unit work with schools in their regions. The program reaches over 190 schools and approximately 37,000 students.

The goal is to teach children and their families the benefits that fruits and vegetables, healthy eating and physical activity have on their overall health and to encourage them to eat more of these healthy foods.

Tips for healthy eating

  • use Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating
  • eat a variety of colourful vegetables and fruits
  • eat whole grain products
  • choose fat-free and low-fat dairy products
  • choose lean meats like skinless chicken or turkey
  • snack smart: choose dried fruit, carrot sticks, whole grain crackers
  • use healthy cooking methods such as baking, broiling or steaming
  • serve healthy portion sizes
  • limit your alcohol intake

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