Author: Nicolas Kynigos.

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Nicolas Kynigos.


Controversial and unpredictable climatic changes we are all about to face will manifest unsustainable environmental impacts on earth. My main concern is continuous deforestation, mineral, oil and methane gas extraction affecting earth’s magnetic field & core (ENGINE) causing electro magnetic field disruption, magnetic polar shifting, climate change, global flooding, Arctic warming, crust desertification, specie extinction and biome degradation.

There is no scientist, environmentalist, politician, evangelist, or government agency that can fully explain this new Ex-Pollution phenomena or give me a logical, scientific explanation for the anomalous climatic behaviour that our planet is facing in this generation.

Earth finally reveals Pandora’s Box in the 21st century, over the last two decades mother nature is fighting back for her life from man made carbon congestion, the symptoms are biophysical & evolutionary extinction processes at work, severe climatic changes and planetary malfunctions that are comparable to Apocalyptic conditions.

Our planet will instinctively alter its climatic course & electro magnetic field in order to preserve earth’s biodiversity and natural evolutionary cycles, we must accept the fact that ‘’Climate Change’’ and human negligence has caused this to happen. Only time will tell if humanity will be able to withstand these severe climatic changes, humanity is running out of time and the clock is ticking. We all breath the same oxygen and drink the same water, let us take better care of our beautiful planet and preserve our natural resources. It is only a matter of time before mother nature strikes back with a vengeance, You decide!

On may 27, 2009, CNN announces for the first time: « The first comprehensive report into the human cost of climate change warns, the world is in the throes of a « Silent Crisis » and that is killing 300,000 people each year. »


Climate change is real and here to stay, humanity is faced with a global threat that has never occurred on this scale for thousands of years, {Global Warming & The Green House Gas Effect}. Humanity has to set a new course and take affirmative action to deal with this global threat.This unpredictable climatic bubble we are all about to face will manifest into a twenty fold sudden impact bombardment affecting our future existence. Each degree our planet warms up will determine a radical and challenging outcome for man-kind.

Current data shows the average global temperature has already risen .08 degrees Celsius, less than a degree of warming we are now experiencing could easily transform any given continent causing severe flooding and drought world wide. Green house gases, a toxic cocktail made up of methane, water vapour, carbon dioxide, nitrus oxide, ozone trapping more heat in earth’s atmosphere, radically transforming this entire Planet.

For over the last 100 years green house emissions have soared as we find more ways to use up more energy. Poisonous carbon dioxide still continues to rise in our atmosphere causing skin cancer and respiratory ailments. If our planet continues to warms up by one degree the Arctic will be ice free for half the year.

Severe flooding world wide will occur, frequent earthquakes, forest fires, droughts and hurricanes will increase intensity. Just one degree increase can turn Americas farmland into decertified landscape & sand dust, a shift in one or two degrees will evaporate moisture on land and bring forth drought or a sudden (Dust Ball Effect). Our planet has experienced climate change before, this natural climatic progression has played out over thousands and millions of years, global warming is now measured in terms of decades & years.

Species are not able to keep up with intense warming trends. Climate change at this rate can send us back to uncharted territory, nothing like we have ever experienced in the history of evolutionary life on earth. Global warming started with our insatiable appetite for energy, every click of a switch we turn on or even pressing our gas pedal requires some kind of energy resource, nearly 90% of global energy starts as a fossil fuel, coal, oil or natural gas. The consequences of using prehistoric remains for fuel is inescapable toxification, carbon dioxide fumes are pouring into our atmosphere suffocating our entire planet.

If the world warms by two degrees some changes to the bio-sphere are no longer gradual, Greenland’s glaciers will disappear, polar bears will struggle to survive, insects will migrate in new directions. Pine beetles will infect and kill off rain forests then tragically exterminate thousands of species that rely on food and shelter from the forest. Millions of species feed and breed in coral reefs, if we reach a 2-3 degree tipping point waters will warm up dramatically killing algae and most aquatic life forms in the oceans. The oceans are the planets largest carbon sink, natures primary mechanism for absorbing carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, there are numerous indications that these eco-systems are breaking down.

The tipping point is excess carbon dioxide sitting in the lower waters of the reef turning oceans into acidic dead zones, the fate of all creatures at the bottom of the food chain hangs in the balance. It took nature approximately 150,000 years to create Greenland’s ice sheet now melting into the sea faster than any other time recorded in earth’s history. This is the fastest moving ice field on the planet, more than forty meters a day melting quickly into the sea. In 1992 there was 5.6 kilometres slipping into the sea and disappearing rapidly, in 2002 that number more than doubled to 15.5 kilometres annually.

Greenland’s ice sheet contains enough frozen water to raise global sea levels up to 7 meters, scientists agree a two degree warming is the actual tipping point that determines how we fundamentally live on this planet. Loss of ice sheets accelerates global warming, water from melting ice absorbs more of the suns heat warming the planet a lot faster, this chain reaction is harder to predict the overall climatic effect & condition. If the world warms by three degrees, the Arctic is ice free all summer, the Amazon rainforest will dry out, snow caps on the Alps will all disappear, the Mediterranean and parts of Europe wither in searing summer heat, intensive hurricane activity and massive coastal flooding will occur world wide.

During the heat wave in 1993 signs of photosynthesis were breaking down forest and plant. Under normal conditions trees and plants are a first line of defence against green house gases, absorbing carbon dioxide then converting it into oxygen then releasing it back into the atmosphere. What would happen to the bio-sphere if one of the planets most important mechanisms for converting carbon dioxide into oxygen stops working on a regular basis ? In extreme heat wave conditions some plants retain oxygen releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere instead. A three degree global warming increase could possibly exterminate the Amazon forest and turn it into a patch work of arid savannah, for each tree we loose were are taking an incremental step towards fire and drought in any given forested region on the planet.

Global warming and deforestation will be reaching a tipping point within twenty years, we most certainly will experience positive kick backs, vicious cycles of drought and massive forest fires leading only towards more drought conditions and global crust desertification. Loosing most of the Amazon forest to warmer climatic conditions will result in releasing hundreds and millions of tons of stored carbon into the atmosphere, possibly intensifying global warming by another degree.

If the world temperature increases by four degrees oceans will rise overtaking heavily populated cities collapsing entire civilizations Deltas home to billions of people, Bangladesh will be washed away, Egypt inundated, Rome submerged, glacier ice sheets will disappear shutting off the flow of fresh water to billions. Northern Canada will become one of the worlds bountiful agricultural zones, while a beach in Southern France becomes a tropical hot spot. The entire West Antarctic ice sheet could collapse sending sea levels rising even higher than 7 meters. A world of four degrees warming will start to look unrecognisable, we will see some of the most important rivers of the world drying up, this will endanger billions of people forcing a massive exodus towards fertile ground and fresh water rivers.

Lastly, a global warming increase of 5-6 degrees will result in total devastation and mass extinction, Los Angeles, Bombay, Cairo, and thousands of cities around the world will dry up, climate refugees by the millions will try to escape this planetary chaos. Human civilization will not be able to withstand this kind of climatic shock wave, this will be the ‘’Twighlight- Zone’’ end of climate change. Life on earth will never be the same, the most frightening thing is not knowing the final outcome concerning climate change and the conditions it will bring upon us. Rich or poor these fatal conditions will be equally felt world wide, a six degree global warming increase is called the dooms day scenario, life on earth will cease to exist.


Dear; friends of the Earth
I would like to share my thoughts and theory on a subject that affects us all on a physical and sometimes even more importantly, an emotional and spiritual level.

For many years we as a global nation have been opening our eyes to a subject we can no longer elude, we call this ``Global Warming ``and the deterioration of our planet. I do not think we should digress but I would like to point out an area that I think we have overlooked.

As we grow closer to crucial times ahead, I do believe we are starting to go in the right direction, recuperation, teaching our kids bio diverse awareness, decreasing our carbon print, and monitoring pollutants, here is where my concern lies. Certain areas of science seem to have been overlooked and faulted caused by greed, blinding ambitions, narrow sited observations and ``Climatic System`` misinterpretations, while disregarding the long term oil and gas extraction ‘’ Side-Effects`` and unacceptable oil drilling practices which also include depositing toxic factory emissions underground.

I would like to note that, I am not a trained or known Scientist by any means! Science without theoretical substance and bio-functional, forensic understanding is not really true science, side tracking logical evidence, moral sense, cross examined research able to obtain 100% prove-able, scientific formulae that really works. Until valid equations and solutions are found they cannot be scientifically proven. There is no solid and published evidence that links Co2 pollution actually causing, ``Climatic Change`` Global warming as a whole are totally separate entities that combines a variety of theories and speculations.

In other words, ``Science,`` has failed Man, like numerous academia and self-proclaimed institutions, most of them seem to prove nothing of value concerning our health in general and well being. Most sciences and some government contain no humane interest or, ``Value of Life.

Science, just like numerous, ``Worldly`` religions, diverse, contradictive, competitive, and profiteering enterprises. The wages of sin is death, not carbon tax, human life and the word of God (Life) is given freely, without any charge. Jesus Christ, also a preacher-politician during his life, was against the state and money changers in his own generation, this is why he said to the church and state, ``Give the coin unto Caesar.` `Like, J.F. Kennedy and Martin L. King, Jesus was also slain.

Most, so called sciences today cannot prove anything, they can only observe and speculate, they also rely, recycle, and base their theories on someone else’s unproven theory, just like ``Darwin’s evolutionary theory`` (White-Academia-False-Teachings), dogma taken out of context and misinterpreted in order to purposely mislead or extend an un-explainable and on going profitable truth. In return, academia and science have deceived mankind, destroying the planet during this entire manipulative, fear mongering and pillaging process.

For example, even though science or dogma contain good content, extensive research, and observation, it cannot be proven or concluded as fact. Most of these false teachings are still taught in schools and known to be credible sciences. On the other hand, religions and good moral teachings are often left out of the class room and disrespected. Government continuously put laws in place that separate state from church.

My main point is, we are all held accountable and responsible for our own laws, narrow sighted inventions and ignorant actions. ``Global Warming`` is here to stay, if we sit back and wait for science, religion, or government to solve this ever growing ecological and Industrial pollution crisis, we just might as well pray and leave this planet in distress. We can no longer deny pollution is ``Man-Made,`` we all need to take affirmative action. I believe a healthy change starts from education that graduates an honest, hard working-class citizen and future eco-consious entrepreneur, this basic formula has always worked in the past, small business has always been the back bone of the economy.

USA lost 3.6 million jobs between Nov.2008-Feb.2009. The Federal Reserve, Wall Street gambling scheme caused instability in world markets. Millions of tax payers had to pay the price while billions were spent to bail out huge corporations and banks. Government should support local enterprise, reduce corporate and small business tax, encourage the socio-economic fabric and public sector, combining government with community minded ideas, allowing the municipalities to do their job.

North America still cling to, [Colonial-Minded] 18th century, slavery and plundering ideologies.The native North American Indian gave North America a natural biodiverse landscape, the Asian’s built up the Railways, the European’s built your skyscrapers and cities, the Greeks gave you mathematics, freedom, Democracy and the Olympics, the Romans gave you, the Catholic Church, pizza, Al Capone and Las Vegas, the French gave you art, fashion, french fries, and Champagne, the Jews gave you Christian religion, morals and banking system, the Black-African slaves worked the cotton fields, modern day apple pickers and factory slave workers in this century are replaced by Latino immigrants, lastly, the Germans provided you with great Science, innovation and technology.

The back bone of North America has always been the immigrant, ``Joe the Plumber.`` North America has it all, but so far behind in morals, civil rights, freedoms and liberties, numerous areas need to be addressed in order to compete in this fast moving & evolving, ``Global Village.``

The only kind of real science that seems to work are mechanical devices and techno-toy’s working only to further humanities leisure and obesity syndrome, creating a social health hazard. Pharmaceutical companies or legalized ``Toxic Pill Pushers`` will mutated and sterilized the entire human species, what good has all of this science done for mankind?

Universal laws are chaotic, expanding and unpredictable, we can only try to understand small and insignificant fractions that require a super human being, having extra ordinary fractal mathematical powers and planetary knowledge, superior to ourselves that is consciously capable of accepting responsibility and respecting all of God's creation. Man needs to look for natural and efficient ways to improve human health with out toxic-medication, redesign energy-efficient infrastructure, back to small, human-laboured manufacturing sectors that are able to innovate clean and efficient renewable energy.

I am only an ``Intellectual Theorist,`` Artist, Author, Researcher, Inventor and Visionary. Logic tells me that there is cause and effect on all things, no matter how large or small. Our planet continuously siphoned for gas and oil within in the last century leads me to believe, if our planet runs out of oil, the Earth's engine will slow down, the 8 hertz-pole-axis affecting, angular ``EMF`` this change will either reverse polarity and jump start (over-charge) the electro magnetic field, slow rotation or eliminate the entire atmosphere. This global tragedy would be similar to having a human heart attack, science says if the overall temperature increases or changes-shift by 5-6 degrees, we are all toast.

Eventually, when all the oil and gas run out, our planet will seize up and stall just like a car engine running out of oil and gas. Polar ice cap depletion or planetary ``EMF`` deterioration on Earth, is similar to what already has taken place on Mars. I also mailed my concerns to NASA’s propulsion laboratories at the Goddard research centre.

Future ``EMF-Weakening`` brings me to this point. What biological symptoms and physical long term planetary side-effects will these mineral, oil-gas-extractions have on our planet? Along with global pollutant’s above the Earth, what is really happening to the Earth’s central core (engine) below us?

To my common sense and logic I would imagine the effects that are being bestowed upon Earth below our feet have similar consequences, just like the one’s we have above!

We have not yet measured the long term side effects of continuing oil-gas extractions that affect earth's hydraulic & bio-thermal core, in the same way we have simulated Co2 computer models, calculating automobile and industrial Co2 emissions that are able to forecast ``Global Warming & Climatic Conditions,`` excessive oil and methane gas extraction will also affect electro-magnetic-field deterioration.

We have no clue what the long term effects may be yet we continuously extract Earth‘s oil like there is no tomorrow. Air pollution is not the only sole, and contributing factor concerning ``Climate Change`` there are many other hidden X-factors which still remain to be discovered.

Earth is in peril, scientists have not looked into this ``X-FACTOR.'' I call this unknown side effect ‘’EX- POLLUTION,’’ you probably may ask and why is that? Well, I have come to the conclusion for biodiversity to function properly, earth’s natural resources should be left pristine and untouched. The energy we use should be one that can be recycled in small amounts that can easily be monitored by scientists and regulated by government, by saying this, I don’t mean having a carbon tax further enslaving the good citizens of the world.

This is the same natural process our planet uses in order to create it's own, recycled, combustible energy that require millions of year cycles, this process includes oil, gas, bio-decay and bio-degradable minerals in order to sustain life. Over population, building over rain forest, agricultural pasture-lands, turning them into concrete-steel buildings and tarred highways also increase ( U.V.) radiation levels on the planet. Preventing rainfall to absorb itself into the ground will cause overheating and cool it down the planet a lot quicker towards an ice age.

Without this natural oil-gas resource the unknown oil extraction factor is yet to be measured and taken seriously, how much oil & gas is still remains in our planet? My main concern is our entire species is at risk, there is no other way we can ever replace this oil and gas ``Artificially.`` Man has drastically interfered with this natural and evolutionary process, eventually we will pay a severe and unexpected price. Our planet is bio-physically reacting and fighting back through irrational, [Climatic Polar Variations], that may be irreversible, glacial ice-sheets melting at very fast and unpredictable rates!

This is only the beginning of a ``Perfect-storm`` heading our direction! Armageddon, is just around the corner, this is not just another coal-war or nuclear threat, but rather a combination of human neglegence and immoral greed. Global demand on oil/gas will further cause humanity stress that will lead to increased violence, crime, national uprising, economic war, stock market crash, severe depression, famine, drought, floods, climatic anomalies, specie extinction and ecological, super strain bacterial epidemics that are comparable with ``Apocalyptic Recondition``

To my knowledge and personal research, earth uses it's own bio-degradable minerals, oils, to create inert energy similar to a recycling engine, refuelling itself over long periods of time. This function is similar to a human being eating food for energy, in this case scenario, our planet recycles (digests) animal fossils, plants and minerals, digesting this bioorganic material, creating methane gas, refuelling the planet’s magma-core activity, thus igniting energy into motion (spin) that manufactures electro-magnetic-field (Ozone/ Biosphere), this process determines (Climate-Change).

This is a natural, evolutionary process has taken billions of years. Instinctively, ``Mother-Earth`` will then react violently in weather aleration and climatic disorders, simply to preserve herself. People do not realize Earth is a living, ``God-Created,`` physical organism, much like our selves, able to breathe, eat, digest, catch cancer and disease. Humans do not understand or respect this fragile organism, and this is my main concern!

It is common knowledge that Earth’s rotation creates friction (heat), so I wonder, if we extract all or part of earth's natural gas and oil, does this process have any long term side effects on Earth’s rotation, magnetic pole shifting, and bioorganic flexibility? The reason that I ask this question is, Earth creates it’s own energy through hot molten-magma fluxuation, flux spinning motion around the upper inner core at high erratic speed create electro magnetic waves that change climatic and evolutionary conditions.

The irrational swirling motions of the upper core then create, electro-magnetic-field energy that helps our planet stabilize it’s axis, gravity, ozone-stratosphere and planetary motion, revolving and orbiting the Sun. If the axis of Earth changes by several degrees, this will cause ``EMF ``weakening.

Our entire ozone-stratosphere is ``EMF`` protected, securing lower atmospheric pressure, further sustaining biological life systems and seasonal ``Climatic-Conditions.`` Earth recycles all biological and mineral material naturally, including oil and methane gas, it re-refines or digests black thick oil back through the central core in order to heat it up and separate oil into methane gas for combustion, thus, via-motion, or erratic spinning of the upper core flux at great speeds which create magnetic-field energy.

Electro-magnetic field energy is required for controlling weather patterns around the globe, we all know this as being elementary science (101). CO2 emissions do not change weather patterns, they only block and trap the Suns radiation, they add to the over all pollution problem. The climatic anomalies like floods, desertification and Arctic warming symptoms our planet is showing is a sign of a slowing down Earth, ``Energy Field Deterioration'' of the Ozone.

The magnetic field also protects the Earth from ``U V ``Sun radiation. Pole reversal and EMF shifts are also affected by the weakening magnetic field, which cause Earth’s core to weaken or over heat due to a lack of oil lubrication around the upper crust which cools the planet from inner heat, thus, warming up the oceans that melt off the polar ice caps, further releasing methane gas ``Burn off ``or excess gas bubbling up beneath the Artic ocean floor. This continual ``EMF`` weakening and additional C02 emission polluting factors affect glacier ice-cap melting, releasing excess and un-frozen methane gas into the upper atmosphere, increasing the planet’s bio-thermal mechanism, further provoking ``Climate Change`` and rapid permafrost melting.

Excess mineral, methane gas& oil extraction is actually provoking a polar reversal shift and possible global Ice Age and possible ‘’Snow Ball Effect.'' The Earth instinctively is trying to protect her self through irregular climate changes and future increasing, ``Global Warming.`` Our planet will eventually have to revert back into a quick deep-freeze in order to protect further methane from escaping the polar ice regions that stabilize electro magnetic field waves. Science tells us the polar ice caps are not retracting and further global warming is still occurring, human negligence is further causing this planetary warming to happen.

We have scientific data showing a 10% decrease in this energy field within the last 150 years, and this is my main concern. Methane gas and oil deficiency may actually be causing a direct disturbance in the Earth’s magnetic field. This deficiency prevents the natural fuelling process or fuel-flow, through the veins (Empty fishers) towards the planet’s central core (engine). If we compare this scenario with Mars and other dead planet‘s, that already have a weakened and dead electro-magnetic field‘s, we may be able to calculate Earth’s future outcome in relation to inner core (EMF) activity, polar permafrost depletion, and receding ice sheets causing, ``Oceanic Warming.``

I feel the urgency for scientists to accumulate all electro-magnetic data, both from Earth and Mars using orbital surveyor’s to monitor ozone depletion, methane depletion, electro-magnetic-analysis on Mars-Earth central core activity, polar regions, comparing methane levels, volcanic magma activity and further investigation that may associate all of these possibilities to a weakening electro magnetic field.

This Earth-Mars comparison would make a great future work model, with existing computer data on the electro-magnetic-field already found on Mars, we may be able to calculated the damage affecting our planet. This data may actually be able to give us a computer-generated forecast, analysis and simulation model of Earth‘s further depleting electro-magnetic field. The main question of interest would then be, the comparison between Mars-Earth polar regions, thermal cores, methane levels, magma and volcanic activity.

Volcanic activity and core heat is producing just enough moisture to create the Arctic pole conditions on Mars, having a weaker EMF than Earth, Mars cannot produce oceans. The question is then, why are Earth’s poles melting and reversing at this rapid rate? Scientific data may then tell us, if this polar-melting phenomena is natural or unnatural. Mars activity is showing signs of a younger planet in early stages of volcanic and EMF activity because of the biosphere that is not fully developed or possibly dead, this is caused by the lack of methane production ``Core Heat,`` due to the fact that there is no animal or plant life on Mars, able to produce fossil fuel and inject (Methane) to fuel the planet‘s core.`` EMF`` weakness and lack of volcanic magma activity cannot fully produce enough moisture to be able to form lakes and oceans above ground. This indicates that Mars is only able to feed off micro organisms below the polar ice-cap regions and underground water streams.

I don’t understand why all of these Government funded science programs have over-looked this crucial and unforeseen scenario? Either I am really mindless or scientists may not be totally aware of this urgent ''Oil-Gas Methane Crisis.'' Science, religion, and government should be all working together creating a global think tank, coming up with real solutions, supporting environmental awareness programs to further educate the public, we need to look in the right direction to sustain our future.

This ever growing pollution problem should have been dealt with decades ago by responsible, church leaders, scientists and citizens that demand government to place stricter regulation and reform on all excessive bio-organic-minerals extracted from earth, It is also our moral duty to inform the public and media but, main stream media always wants to be politically correct, having only a business minded corporate mind set, disregarding the public forum from critical issues.

We all share this planet together, drink the same water, and breathe the same oxygen!

If we continuously plunder everything above and below our planet having no way to replace mineral, plant, methane-gas and oil, when something unpredictable and unexpectedly happens what harm are we really doing to this planet and ourselves? Now that we realize pollution has taken it's toll after two hundred years of human abuse, when will humanity decide to change direction towards a cleaner and safer environment ?

On January 10, 2009, there already have been major climatic anomalies, severe flooding in the Seattle Washington area, minus 65-70 degree temperatures dropping in the North Pole, Snow and floods in Greece, Italy, and a huge snow fall comparable with,`` Siberian Snow Storms,`` blasting the city of Madrid (Spain), BBC reported a record breaking snow fall in London, England, that shut down the entire city on Feb. 2, 2009, Typhoon hit’s Australia, Feb.4, 2009 causing severe flooding, all of these symptoms are caused by ``EMF`` weakening, not C02 carbon emissions, theses climatic upheavels are only bound to get worse. Since 2001, our global temperatures have broken all time records.

All of this may sound like Sci-fi but it’s not, it‘s fact. The Mayan 2012 astrological calendar, Scientist’s world wide and the ``Bible`` urgently warn us, we have to listen to Mother-Earth’s cry for help, we dont have a second chance! This is the dawning of the ``Tribulation Period,`` the symbolic pale horseman prophesied in Revelations.

The combination of oil deficiency below, air pollution above, along with other hidden factors like ozone, climate change, polar depletion, Co2 emissions, UV damaged plant life, animal extinction, oceanic dead zones, population growth and over-built concrete cities, artificial power-line ``EMF`` frequencies, industrialization, wars, deforestation, and human e-waste; redefines the way our planet will process each change and then react accordingly in order to balance back into it's normal cycle, obviously this will take evolutionary centuries to naturally balance and correct itself !

My other concerns are tectonic plates; while shifts occur every thousands of years do they require oil as soil lubricant and crust coolant to aid in a continental shifting process? Earthquakes, volcanic activities, mountain building and oceanic trench formation all occur on plate boundaries. These are all natural occurrences in our planet which I feel oil plays a critical role.

Gas is naturally accumulated below Earth’s crust, required for triggering off volcanic explosions before an actual volcanic eruption, we all know this as elementary science, methane-gas also generates the planet's combustive fuelling mechanism that creates EMF stability. If you were to look up the definition of methane gas you would find out that `` Methane,`` broken down to It’s simplest form of formaldehyde (HCHO or H2CO) spark chemical reactions into inert energy and motion, these simple scientific examinations are identical to my ``Ex-Pollution` `theory, and this is my proof.

Chemical & biological, comparison-analysis actually seems to prove and provide evidence for my entire, [Ex-Pollution] mineral-oil-gas-extraction theory. Another potential hazard is releasing excess methane gas into the atmosphere by extracting surface oil from the Arctic that stabalizes EMF, crust collapse and desrtification occurs by leaving the fishers exposed after oil drilling has finished. Oil-gas capping often leaks out this dangerous methane gas, they are often due to the fact that 80% of the caps are not monitored and checked regularly once the oil and gas drilling are finished.

I also believe the same thing will happen in the Arctic when the ice sheets melt off rapidly releasing excess methane gas beneath the Artic Ocean floor, unprotected by Glacier Permafrost above. Methane gas is 20 times more lethal than carbon dioxide. Earth needs it's own minerals, oil and gas for regenerating energy, protecting itself from over heating or (The weakening of the electro-magnetic-field).

There are numerous X factors that science has over looked and hope we are on the right path to secure our health and safety. I hope and pray that the next generation will lead this world in the right direction, we only have one planet left that nourishes all life and shelters us from cold space, we urgently need to take serous measures and protect mother earth, simply for the reason of instinctive survival of our species.

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