Chapter 17 Of The Raise Your Vibration Book: "Finding Joy" By Sabrina Reber

Being in a state of love, joy and gratitude attracts high vibrational energy not only to yourself but to everyone you come in contact with. It is infectious! When we are in this state, we radiate and ground our divinity and we activate more of our dormant strands of DNA. This is where God wants us to be, it is our divine birthright. There is nothing more powerful here on earth for us to do than to let love, joy, peace and compassion stream from our being. In order for us to truly allow and experience joy in our lives we must first be in touch with the value and essence of our being as an individuated spark of God. When we acknowledge the truth of our being, allow ourselves to heal the wounds contained in our emotional body, take dominion over the ego mind and connect to our God Self a genuine state of joy will flow from our being.

We cannot think our way into joy and pretend we feel a certain way while we deny and suppress the negative feelings and trauma circulating within our energy fields. Shifting our thoughts does have an affect on what we bring into our lives but we must also raise our vibration in order to attract what we most desire. Our dense emotional energies stay in our energy fields lowering our vibration and block us from attaining our highest expression of joy which can only be achieved when we are living in alignment with the truth of our being. In order for us to transmute our dense energies we must first get in touch with all of our feelings without placing judgment on them. When we feel our feelings we allow ourselves to have an emotional connection with our inner being and we find support from within! Our inner being, our soul, loves us unconditionally and connects us with our inner serenity! Serenity is when we “know” we are valuable and loved and we no longer seek for something outside of ourselves to determine our well-being, our goodness, our self worth. When we truly accept and nurture our feelings we hold ourselves in a sacred space honoring the value and essence of our being. Holding this sacred space for ourselves helps us to lift the veils of pain one layer at a time helping us to become more and more connected and filled with the divine essence of our Spirit. When this occurs, the increased flow of divine spiritual energy flowing through our system from our God self will dissolve our emotional blocks so we can tap into an authentic expression of joy, love, peace and compassion for ourselves and the rest of the planet.

Our beliefs also affect the level of our vibration. Each of us are on a journey back to wholeness where we heal our belief that we are separated from God. Our core beliefs of being cast out of the Garden of Eden, separated from the Kingdom of God and born into sin keeps us from accessing an authentic, true joy. Joy cannot be forced! Joy is a state of being and if we are not living the truth of our being, joy can never be fully expressed. Many of us have been living a false joy based on our false belief systems and the tricks of our ego mind. We fell into the traps of disempowerment forgetting how incredibly special we are to the whole of creation. Each of us are precious! We have forgotten who we are because we turned away from our spiritual center, our soul, which has always been fully connected to our God self. We have been living from the limitations of our ego’s joy. We allowed our false joy to cover over our authentic joy by allowing ourselves to be nourished by things strictly in the physical world totally denying the importance of our spirituality! Material wealth, not spiritual wealth, became our focus and our souls are starving for abundance that can only be supplied through our Spirit. 

The more we focus on bringing our God self down into our physical body, the greater our joy becomes. Abundance from Spirit cannot be supplied by anything outside of ourselves! Church, religion, governments, doctors, designers, spiritual teachers, books, healers etc… can not give us true joy! They may provide guidance, support and assistance but authentic joy can only be found through a strengthened connection with our God self. Each of us must choose to become infused with the Spirit of our God self and this can only occur when we enter complete stillness by turning off the ego mind through meditation. Every meditation brings in more and more of our divine spirit clearing away emotional blocks and traumas within our energy fields that block us from accessing our highest expression of joy. When we close off the cosmic life force energy from our Spirit we are not able to truly experience joy and we betray ourselves shutting ourselves off from our divine inheritance. Our ego mind, without an infusion of Spirit, lacks balance, compassion, access to spiritual truth and a higher vibration. When we are stuck in the separation of the ego mind we cannot access serenity because we are full of fear, doubt and confusion stuck in the world of illusion. Each of us has the exact same amount of potential, power and free will to transcend our ego minds and cultivate our own joy by choosing to reconnect with the wisdom of our soul and the unlimited love from our God self.
  • Meditate. Enter a place of stillness every day. Allow your inner joy to rise up from the depths of your inner being. Joy is your true nature!
  • What feelings do you have that need to be fully felt and released so you can free up space in your energy field for more of your joyful essence to flow through? Are you placing judgments on yourself about your negative feelings…this will halt you from being able to release them!
  • Recognize when you have fallen prey to your ego and have fallen out of alignment with your joy, the very essence of your being. Once we have brought our Spirit down into our body, fully experiencing our highest expression of joy, our biggest challenge will be sustaining it in our everyday lives. A daily spiritual practice of meditation and going within your inner being will help you stay on track. However, if you fall out of alignment, take a few minutes to connect with your heart space, breathe in your Spirit and bring yourself back to center.
  • Are you seeking approval from outside of yourself? Authentic joy comes from your soul, from your divine connection to your God self not from anyone or anything else! Get in touch with your feelings of lack and unworthiness, where did these feelings originate?
  • Become aware of people, situations, beliefs and activities that keep you from your joy? Can these things be shifted and healed or do they need to be released?
  • List ten “soul filling” things that bring you joy. Make time each day to do something that will nourish your Soul and Spirit.

Joy is a heart full and a mind purified by gratitude.
Marietta Mccarty

The process of facing and accepting all of our “selves” will bring peace, love, joy, harmony and happiness and fulfillment in our lives. As we drop our defenses and embrace all of who we are, we come to know our true identity as God inspired beings.    Susan Thesenga

The great teachings unanimously emphasize that all the peace, wisdom, and joy in the universe are already within us; we don’t have to gain, develop, or attain them. We’re like a child standing in a beautiful park with his eyes shut tight. We don’t need to imagine trees, flowers, birds, and sky; we merely need to open our eyes and realize what is already here, who we really are- and stop pretending we’re small or unholy.   Unknown

Where the mystery is presnt, joy is infinite; where the mystery has departed, efficacy is exhausted and the spirit disappears.
Ge Hong

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