BlackOutSpeakOut - Speak out today for nature and democracy

Speak out today for nature and democracy

As our Parliament considers an omnibus bill that would gut environmental protection with little or no public discussion, the David Suzuki Foundation is joining with colleagues across the country to say Silence Is Not an Option.

Together with 500 organizations representing millions of Canadians, we will Black Out and Speak Out. We’re asking you, a champion for healthy communities and a healthy environment, to join us.

What We’re Doing

Today with our allies, we’re darkening our website and sounding a single, unified message to decision-makers: Stand up for our Canadian values. Our land, water, and climate. Our communities. Our human rights and democracy.

In Vancouver, Yellowknife, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal and St. John’s, environmental leaders and high-profile supporters will gather and speak publicly about what is at stake with Bill C-38. And we’ll call on our elected representatives to defend the values Canadians believe in. 

What You Can Do: Join Black Out Speak Out and act today

Join with us and leaders across the country:

In this historic Canadian moment, your voice has never been more important. Thank you for speaking out and standing up for Canada.

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Comment by FixOurWorld on June 5, 2012 at 4:01pm
Defend Canada's Democracy and Environment from Bill C-38
The government is pushing through a budget bill that would devastate Canada's environmental protections.
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Comment by FixOurWorld on June 5, 2012 at 3:20pm

Dear Sir/Madame:

On behalf of Liberal Leader Bob Rae, I would like to acknowledge receipt of your recent email regarding Bill C-38, Stephen Harper’s 425 page budget omnibus bill.


The day after this massive bill was introduced the Liberal Party demanded that the Conservative government separate the sweeping environmental changes found in the Budget Implementation Act, so that they can be properly examined and debated by Parliament.  It is good to see that the NDP has finally agreed and is following our lead.


The reality is that the Finance Committee doesn’t have the necessary expertise when it comes to studying complex environmental regulations. The Conservatives are trying to avoid public scrutiny by cramming major environmental changes into a sweeping kitchen sink budget bill, and circumventing necessary Parliamentary oversight.


The Budget Implementation Act amends more than 70 Acts from a wide range of government portfolios.  In the 425-page document, some 150 pages are dedicated to changes related to the environment, particularly to “streamlining” environmental oversight.  The bill repeals theKyoto Protocol Implementation Act, and weakens several environmental laws, including laws protecting species at risk and water.  The bill also gives the federal cabinet the authority to approve new pipeline projects and overrule the National Energy Board.

While the Harper Conservatives ram this omnibus budget bill through the House of Commons with little regard for Members of Parliament, Liberals Senators are poised to be, once again, the last line of defence as they conduct a thorough and necessary review of this massive piece of legislation and its impact on the health and safety of Canadians.


Thank you for taking the time to write to the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.


Yours sincerely,


Colin McKone

Office of the Liberal Leader


Comment by FixOurWorld on June 4, 2012 at 12:48pm

In this historic Canadian moment, your voice has never been more important. Thank you for speaking out and standing up for Canada.

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