2nd Annual Fix Our World Festival

Our event is Sept 4,5,6,7th 2009. We are bringing together organizations, groups, clubs, youth social justice groups, bands, entertainment etc. to educate motivate and mobilize our community in the areas of Peace/Conflict, Poverty, HIV/AIDS/Global Health and Environment/Climate Change, both locally and globally.

We encourage Fix Our World Chapters to hold events on the same date to unite us Globally. We hope to link these events in future through www.fixourworld.ca in the Groups Section and eventually link all events live through Video Streaming.

Charity Goals for 2009
$250,000 Challenge*One of our goals is to raise money for 4 local and 4 global organizations. Make Poverty History, Oxfam Canada, The Stephen Lewis Foundation and The David Suzuki Foundation are our 4 Global organizations targeted. Our 4 local are CURE Canada, Cafe Adonai, Fix Our World Foundation, TBA.

Poverty Walk *Along with the $250,000 Challenge we will be promoting a Nationwide Poverty Walk on Labor Day weekend. This walk will demonstrate our awareness about the seriousness of Poverty worldwide. Our goal will be to have a one mile walk take place in every major city across Canada. During this walk we will have everyone involved walk one mile without their shoes. We hope to have every person involved donate $10 and a pair of old shoes.

* We will have a Make Poverty History booth with laptops available as a sign-up station to increase Make Poverty History supporters on the spot www.makepovertyhistory.ca Workshops, Guest Speakers, Live Entertainment, and more...

*Pier 4 Park is an Oasis hidden in the Heart of Hamilton at the foot of Guise and Bay St between Bayfront Park and the Leander Boatclub. Hosts a Childrens Splashpad and Lifesize Tugboat play area with the beautiful Harbourfront backdrop. Breathtaking scenery, the Park holds crowds in the thousands.

* 1 in 5 people in Hamilton live below the poverty line. A goal to have free or reduced rate rides to allow our community to have fun, relax and be educated, motivated and mobilized at our event, without burden or worry from issues of inequality.

*Another goal is a food tent ran by Volunteers from a few local organizations allowing our public to eat healthy food without cost or at a very low cost.

*We are communicating with Bullfrogpower to make our event green powered. We are asking people bring their own plate and cup to keep down the waste. Bottled water will NOT be allowed in the Park.

*Any way you can help would be greatly appreciated. Join our Global Family on our Interactive website www.fixourworld.ca each person has their own page to give tips, ideas, tell how they are making a difference to inspire and motivate others to do similar things.

Please feel free to contact The Fix Our World Foundation for more information llannigan@gmail.com, www.myspace/fixourworld www.fixourworld.ca Fix Our World group on facebook.
Thank you so much for your support.

Because It All Starts In Our Own Backyards, "If We Believe We Will Achieve"

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