Please Join us September 27 and Unite with the World on our 1st Annual International Fix Our World Festival Announcing our next event "First Annual International Fix Our World Festival" on Sept 27 H…

Please Join us September 27 and Unite with the World on our 1st Annual International Fix Our World Festival

Announcing our next event "First Annual International Fix Our World Festival"
on Sept 27 Hamilton Ontario. We will be linking around the world uniting as a Global Family

I hope you will come and join our Global Family and help Fix Our World.
Please sign up on and show your support for our Global movement to honour all who are making a difference in the areas of Peace/Conflict Poverty, HIV/AIDS/Global Health and Environment/Climate Change. Please sign online petition and let the G8 Leaders especially our Canadian Government know that you won't give up until we Make Poverty History!

Our mission is to create a Global Family, unite schools, groups, organizations, clubs, bands, etc... to educate and inspire others especially youth to become a part of the solution to Fix and Restore our Planet and support the efforts of those who are making a difference both locally and globally.

Thank you to all who participated in our previous event :

Sunday May 18th Philthy McNasty's & Fix Our World held an outstanding event to unite Hamilton with 119 countries.

The 25th Annual International AIDS Candlelight Memorial

Hats off to the amazing local talent of Christopher Charles, Jamila B., Christopher Clause, Adam Carter, Plain Steel, Louise Kent, Will Ross, including Chanmia a 14year old singer songwriter who came all the way from Delaware just to perform for Fix Our World and be apart of our Global Movement.
There were amazing Guest Speakers:
Dennis Howlett National Coordinator from Make Poverty History Canada who Premiered their New Video Ad Campaign on Big Screen for our privileged audience, Louise Kent from Free The Children who also honoured us with her singing performance, Murial Clemens from Green Venture, Charmaine Sherlock from World Vision, Audrey from Free The Children, Theresa Randles-Grandmothers of Steel.

Local groups with Information tables and interactive displays - Fix Our World, Engineers Without Boarders-Elizabeth Wells, Andrea Rado & G-Star from Glendale Secondary School, Thanh Campbell-Mission Services, Murial Clemens-Green Venture, Grandmothers of Steel, Dennis Howlett-Make Poverty History, Charmaine Sherlock-World Vision, Phil Hilton of Public Works Waste Management Blue Boxes.

Fundraising for Fix Our World-Harlee Barfknecht-Cupcakes for all occasions.

Workshops were held for Peace/Conflict, Poverty and HIV/AIDS.

A Special Poetry Reading by our talented MC Sameer Grover,

The Grandmothers of Steel (newly awarded with the World Citizenship Award) Theresa Randles enlightened listeners with heart felt messages from Grandmothers to Grandmothers opening our eyes and hearts to those who are suffering those who have died and all who are affected by HIV/AIDS.
The 25th International AIDS Candlelight Memorial began with the Agape Korean Women's Choir their extremely talented voices led us to unite through candles with 119 countries.
This event was very intimate and filled with incredibly talented people.

Special Appearances from Andrea Horwath, David Christopherson and Denise Doyle

The evening ended with another amazing performance from Christopher Charles and the incredibly talented Bands:
Ali Taiyeb from E.S.R.B & Sukoon, and Tundrafun

I am deeply honoured to have met all of the amazing people who came together to Fix Our World.

Clint Alves of Sound Soft Productions who single handedly balanced the Music, Sound and Video Performances for the entire event.

We are Most Grateful to:
Coorginizers, Partners, Volunteers
The Stephen Lewis Foundation, Make Poverty History, World Vision, Free The Children, Mission Services, Denise Doyle, Sure Print Copy Centre, Long & McQuade, Sound Soft Productions
Mark Lannigan, Jesse Lannigan, Ted Orfan, Hasnat Ahsan, Thanh Campbell, Mary Jane Oates, Simon Salatandre, Deborah Barfknecht, Chad Fullerton Website Design Sumiti Jain, Janine Gaunt,Gigi Conrardy, Rabe Makwarela, Julie Pierce, Sameer Grover Master of Ceremonies, Agape Korean Women's Choir, Philthy McNasty's Upper James Hamilton, Michael Barker, George Farah,
HCCI, SISO, Antonio Lasario, QQTeashop, Natasha Hovey, Bobby Hebert, Lin McGreggor, Chris Spalanca, Micky James.

ALL of our Family and Friends who help support Fix Our World

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