<3 How Fix Our World Started <3

At 5years old I was an Environmentalist, Peace Keeper, Spiritual & Mindful Visionary.  Have helped people my entire life in many ways. Volunteered for many organizations as well.

I have a serious neck injury Dec 2003 from Judo and had to quit my job as Clinic Coordinator/Surgical Assistant in Laser Eye Surgery, to heal.  

I was soul searching and needed to do something on a Global scale.  

June 2005 Live 8/ Make Poverty History popped up.  June 26th My sons and I made a Hamilton Banner to show Hamilton cares, thousands of people signed the banner and learned what the campaign and concerts were about.  

We sent photos back to live 8 each day showing Hamilton cares and how the banner was progressing.   On June 30, 2005 we were invited to July 2, Live 8 Barrie Concert Where we met Gerry Barr (President of CCIC) who asked us for our banner to hang proudly in his Ottawa office for Inspiration.  We met David Toycen (World Vision) Celebrities etc.

After the Concert:
Still struggling with my neck injury.
I started hosting events for Make Poverty History then AIDS Then in 2007 it came to me to bring it all together Peace, Poverty, AIDS/Global Health, Environment and call it Fix Our World Festival.   Showing what's working, where help is needed honouring individuals, groups, clubs, bands, organizations etc.

I had a vision for an interactive Website honouring individuals for things they do to make a difference.  All of us have something to offer.  

I started a Myspace page. Then Facebook, over the year had the interactive Website developed by an incredible young man and McMaster Student Chad Fullerton.

Not only that I started helping people through Fix Our World by assessing  their individual needs then helping them to get on their feet again by giving them tools they need to succeed and through my networking efforts also  sent them to organizations in our City that could help them in specific areas.

Fix Our World Canada is a non profit organization currently looking for it's own location for people to walk in. 

Fix Our World Events helps bring people together in a fun interactive environment and gives them tools and how they can be part of the solution.  Also helps promote local bands, talent, clubs, orgs, people making a difference.   

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