When the tides rise and fall in the seas, they represent huge volumes of energy. One can imagine the amount of strength that is needed to make a pale of water to rise. This huge natural energy can now be used to the benefit of the mankind. Tidal energy can act as an ideal source of alternate energy. It can team up as an alternate energy resource that is devoid of any sort of harm to the environment. The tidal energy investment has risen in recent times.

With the fossil fuel energy on the verge of extinction, it has become important to take steps towards better fuel options. The best thing about tidal energy is that it is highly predictable. The occurrence of tides can be deduced some hundred years in advance. So even when the wind is not blowing and the sun is not shining, energy can be produced from underwater, in the form of tides. The tide tables are available in the surf store and can be used to calculate the occurrence of tides.

The extraction of tidal energy poses some technological issues as the tidal energy industry is in its nascent stage. If these technological issues are overcome, the tidal energy can be used to power up the whole of this world.

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An excellent solution, but how will this come about? More interestingly, why did you post it here?


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