Turning Fungus Into Fuel: Organism With Taste For Olive Drab Shows Promise For Greener Energy

A spidery fungus with a voracious appetite for military uniforms and canvas tents could hold the key to improvements in the production of biofuels, a team of government, academic and industry researchers has announced.

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So far it seems as though the problem is not finding alternative fuel sources, but implementing them. Making sure they are effective and competitive in the global market.
i agree, with todays market im surperised that we are anept to meetting this goals. much fnding goes into. it must. we are talking about the humn race, civizalation, the maintain of the species. i don't know what we're waiting on. the time to act is now. H. elp O. ur M. others E. arth. She needs us. so educate the young generation and this one. i don't want to hear about ozone depletion or sea levels rising but the complete opposite. yes, effective they must be. viable and provductive. the sonner the better.
As much as we'd like to, it is difficult to make new solutions competitive in the market. A lot of funding does go into perfecting "greener" or more sustainable technologies, it just takes a while. We tend to forget that there's a big step between a scientific discovery and a real world solution. This looks like it's well on it's way to becoming a real world solution, but in order to be practical it needs to be scalable and profitable, which maybe it isn't yet.


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